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  • MJRedd - Not a believer, but tried it on a whim. No one more surprised than me when it really helped my pain.

    I have osteoarthritis in only a few joints of my hands, and I can ignore and forget about it most of the time. But when the pain flares up, it can get really bad. My mom-in-law swears by some topical cream for her arthritis but I never believed something like that could help....didn't make sense to me. Out of desperation one day, I picked up a jar of Australian Cream for no real reason. I'd never heard of it. I balked at the price, but still I decided to try it. And after applying it to my aching hand, I didn't feel any warmth or tingling...nothing. I assumed I had wasted my money -- that is, til about a half hour later when I realized my joints were no longer aching much at all! There was no numbness, no odor, nothing remarkable. The pain had just ebbed so much it was almost gone. I have no clue how or why it works, but this cream absolutely does work for me! I urge you to try it if you suffer from similar bouts of pain. I have nothing to gain by posting this review. Just glad I found it. (Purchased at Walgreens)

  • David S. Koller - Not impress

    The newer version but not catch malware through a flash player update. Look for the best security program every year.

  • tantan - will not buy it again

    i dont like exfoliating scrubs in the first place because i feel like it takes the natural oils off your face. however i decided to give it a try because i develop pimples before my montlys and i figured i would use it infrequently during that period of time. it ended up really drying my face (my face tends to dry but oily in the t zone). i will not buy this product again but i will finish the bottle by using it to exfoliate my body.

  • Fancy Face - Smells So GOOD Like Bubble Gum or Cherries with NO Fumes or Chemicals!!!

    I think it smells so good, just like bubble gum or cherries. And, it works great to wipe off burnt on food off of a glass stove top. You just get a wet dishcloth and dip it in the Scour Off and wipe burnt on mess in a circular motion & it comes off in seconds with no work at all. And, the biggest plus of all is it doesn't scratch glass for those with a glass stove top with no fumes or bad chemicals.

  • hondoman45 - Not great but better than most

    These are good quality but not the high quality of the mud guards I put on my 2008 Prius at the same time. They also cost $26 more and are much smaller. That being said, they should do the job. As long as the clips are used with the supplied screws these should take a beating. It took some patience to get these mounted but it was well worth the effort. I did remove the rear wheels to get easy access to the two screws used back there on each mud guard. The material used appears to be a bit more brittle and hard than that used in the 2008 mudguards. Time will tell but these look ok once on the car.

  • Drcutler1026 - Love it!

    Great system, great price. This is my second system from CyberPower PC. They are my go to company. I have been incredibly happy with both the system and the customer support. I highly recommend This unit. It is perfectly compact, yet has adequate room for upgrades. It has removable filters to aid in easily cleaning. Super fast, I love it.