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  • ServantofGod - A modern day "In search of Excellence"

    For those who attended the business schools in the eighties or early nineties, "In search of Excellence" was equivalent to Bible telling all the success factors commonly found in almighty enterprises. "Good to Great" is likely to be a successor of it in the coming decade.

  • Amazon Customer - ... book and told me that this is a really great book to have

    I'm studying for my certification and all my friends who are pharmacy technicians have looked at this book and told me that this is a really great book to have. so I'm glad that I spent the money to use this book in my studies.

  • tomthomtwin - Iconic!

    i'm early 50 of age and this song, as well as this artist are 1 of my top 5,me being a one time decent musician, if it counts.who else still does shows, without digital help,that still sells out. besides .i can't name 2 songs of his I don't like.

  • Dakota - Fragrance is Overpowering

    It has an extremely strong fragrance. So strong, in fact, it made me sick...literally. Wow. Update Day 2: the fragrance is still so strong it would compete with any perfume I might want to wear.

  • Bena - A lot of hype for nothing!

    I am not understanding all these great reviews. This product does absolutely nothing for me. Also, what I did not know until I received the bottle is that for weight loss you have to take three capsules 1/2-2 hours before each meal. I also read someone who gave it a 1 star that Nature Wise create their own reviews..... :( So disappointed I thought it was me that I was not doing my part but in all fairness this just not work - no energy boost no appetite suppressant nothing. I called the 800 number to inquire about a refund, I was on hold for 4 minutes then I was sent to the general mail box to leave a message @ 10:12 am. That speaks volumes - I wish I would have read the 1 star reviews first before I waisted my money....

  • Current Resident - Powerful and well constructed

    We went through two blenders in the last 3 years due to breakage. I now wanted a blender that was powerful, well designed and dependable as opposed to the cheap models. I never heard of Ninja Blenders. To be honest the name is awful. It reminds me of a toy instead of an serious kitchen machine.

  • Iron man - Great result

    Easy to use. Used product. changed oil & coolant after use. No sign of mixing. Power increase amzing after the seal took.