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  • irina - I work for a government agency. Was the biggest ...

    I work for a government agency. Was the biggest pot head In the world before. But once i got this job had to quit. Well eventually got married and head baby. One my wives maternity leave was done i as well took 3 month off. Smoked every day every minute i was awake. So im 5'9 220 lbs big muscle and beer belly guy. Was clean for 6 weeks and still tested positive on home tests. Bought qcarbo 32. Drank ita 715 am tested at 9 am. Tested on home kit prior to drinking it was positive. It was lab screened and came back negative. So idk about people who it didnt work for,it saved my as. Thanks qcarbo

  • June Andre - Don't leave the states with out it!

    I was skeptical of this guy, being that I had always gone with foods and formers. But, it had such good reviews. Was so glad I got it. The kindle edition was cheaper, and lighter, so that's what I got. I will never travel again with out Rick Steves!

  • bdash - Short and sweet

    I received the K2 cable last Wednesday. Thank god too, because on Thursday I saw a figure approach my front door, knock and said "candygram." I love candygrams, so of course I rushed and opened the door. Unfortunately, it wasn't a candygram but rather a Cyberdyne Systems robot that fired some kind of weapon at my infant son who happened to be in his walker next to the entertainment stand. At this moment, my new K2 cable shot out from the back of my kick ass Denon receiver and deflected the bullet/laser. It then threw my $500 Logitech Harmony universal remote at the robot with such force it knocked it's head clean off. I am now in the process of contacting AudioQuest to see if their warranty will cover the bullet/laser damage to my K2 cable. Even with the damage, the sound is still pretty good. I can hear pilot whales in the Atlantic but no longer the blue whales in the Pacific. I guess I'll live with it for now. I'll repost again about my experience with getting a replacement. I wouldn't expect much cooperation though for only $8500 cables.

  • Gloria L. - John Hiatt CD and Music

    If John Hiatt records it, I buy it. He has never disappointed me, ever. His poetry put to music deserved radio play.

  • vhall - Hallmark Card 2012 Deluxe

    The graphics and text on the initial screens are blurry and difficult to read. The software system requirements states it is compatible with Windows XP which is my operating system. I contacted the Hallmark support center and they could not resolve this problem. When you "preview" a card it is very clear so I have tried to use the product. I am considering returning this item and purchasing an older version that has the bugs worked out.

  • A. Rubin - good inexpensive kava

    its a bit on the weaker side compared to some caps that i have tried but the price is amazing. worth buying but i had to double dose.