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  • Ryan Turcotte - Amazing Book

    Exactly like the daily newsletter, with lots of new content to boot. Dan does a great job of turning what otherwise may seem like a boring topic into an interesting shot story. For any trivia junkies out there, this is a must-have.

  • Hilya D. - I seem to have gotten a watered down version

    This is the second time I've purchased the Baby Bee Shampoo. The first time, I got the fragrance free kind. It was thick and a little bit goes a long way. This time, it is very watery and I have to use a lot of it to get the same effect. I don't know if the overall product has changed, or it is just this particular type that seems so watered down.

  • Amazon Customer - Lights don't work well

    Got the shoes in a timely matter . My son got these for his birthday , he LOVED them . However about a week in the lights in the shoes started going crazy and would not work right . certain lights would not change to the right color . Too bad cause they are super cool but if they don't work I guess that makes them not so very cool .

  • Kindle Customer - Review

    Into a world of its own.you are taken into the world of supernatural in a most wonderful way. I love this book am waiting to start the next one.Jess is my hero

  • Angie A - Brush works ok, depends on your hair type, thin highlighted hair still needs flat iron on ends

    Just got the brush yesterday, it works fine does straighten the hair, but i personaly find that the flat iron works best especially at the ends the brush left them a little frizzy no matter how many times i brushed them. I have highlighted thin hair. I'll still use it just to combe the hair out in the morning.

  • T.R. - Find what you need out of it

    Ok, I saw this one as being one of the "bigger" titles in the personal development genre. What I liked about it was how he breaks down sex to it's core and how that relates to humans and our emotions. The way the book helps articulate attraction is pretty powerful. The other best part of the book in my opinion was the alpha/beta dynamics and tips on balancing this aspect of your life.

  • Barbara Hudson - A fun way to help kids recognize our National treasures

    These quarter books are great for helping learn about the National Parks and where they are located. It's a great way to collect and preserve something for the future. I'm thinking of my Grandkids and how they will enjoy them as they grow old enough to learn to value not just money but the things God has given us in our Nation.