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  • Johnny Fargo - Quantity over quality

    My friend Willard recommended this product yesterday after hearing about my dilemma; namely, the sausage fest that my new office was comprised of. The first thing that surprised me was that it was eligible for FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING. After all, we're talking hundreds to thousands of pounds in freight here, right? At $8.69 a unit, I really didn't understand how the profit margin could possibly offset the shipping costs. But Willard assured me that the math adds up somehow, and neither he nor I had time to go into it. Anyway, I received my Avery Durable View Binder, and, while it certainly delivered on it's promise of plus-volume, I can't say I was particularly impressed with the substance therein. Some were single mothers expecting entitlements, others taking issue with my requisite transvaginal ultrasounds. I spent half the afternoon arguing with the women over such absurdities as equal pay and access to contraception through their healthcare plans (my business is listed as a "faith-based non-profit" so I can get 501(3)(c) tax exempt status, so, uh, no!), and by the time 5 o' clock rolls around, no dinner. Nothing. The oven wasn't even preheating. Ugh!

  • d517 - It's just ok

    not sure if I will use this again. Everytime I do, my dog does not want to eat for a few days. Seems to maker her sick to her stomach, even though the ingredients say "all natural"....something in there, is not so natural. I did help her breath, and teeth looked cleaner, so I'm disappointed in how it makes her feel after.

  • LokiLaney - Love this product

    Love this product. It is a shame that Microsoft discontinued this product. Had to pay 3-4 times what I would have had to pay previously. There are a few viable alternatives, but nothing in this price range for small businesses.

  • Mary MacElman - a little oily but would use with other products

    I found that it did help flyaway hair but by the end of the day my hair was oily. I now use it spaced out with my regular shampoo like every other time or so. I may try to put it in a spray bottle mixed with water and see if that helps.

  • Moonglows Mom - Quite Pleased with Kaspersky

    I'm only sorry that I didn't choose a 5 user package. It seems to do a fine job without slowing the machine down. I have labored with anti-virus products that are so slow I have been thoroughly exasperated with their effect on my use of the machine. Kaspersky doesn't seem to do this, although occasionally I am bewildered by pages it suggests that I not view because they are 'fishing' sites. I just go about getting the information from a different page, but it always surprises me when it does this. It does have a tendency to remind me why I have an anti-virus package though. As long as you remember that it will try to update itself first, don't try to turn on your machine and go, turn it on and go get your coffee. Then it will be updated and you won't be annoyed. It really doesn't take long to update though, seems to be leaner or better written than some other programs.