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  • Susan H. Larkin - Don't go to Iceland without this book!!

    This book was an amazing step-by-step guide to Iceland. After having spent hours trying to research things for our family to do while driving through the country, we purchased this book. It took all the guesswork out, was laid out in a very accessible way - pick a route and it will give you sights, restaurants, and detailed directions. We saw some spectacular things that we would have missed out on if we had not purchased this book. It stayed in the car with us the whole time and never let us down! HIGHLY recommend if you are going to strike out on your own in Iceland, especially if you are venturing outside of the Golden Circle. I will be purchasing Lonely Planet books for all my international trips from now on!

  • Lynda Loyd - Large Bucket DampRid for Basement Works!

    I was skeptical that this would rid my basement of the musty odor that you notice the minute you begin to walk down the stairs, but wow! I have purchased DampRid now in the larger bucket and in the small 32oz. refillable pails and I could be an ambassador. I have read the clean scented version bothers some people so I also got the unscented, but the scented is OK. I only wish they had a decorative container.

  • Craig - Has worked great for me :)

    This has worked pretty good for relaxing and calming me. I take it for slight anxiety, as I read in numerous different articles that a deficiency in Magnesium can cause anxiety/panic attacks. As the directions state, you definitely want to start out with a smaller amount and work your way up so you don't end up with the 'runs.'

  • Sandra - Love this stuff.

    Keeps my toes & nails soft & easy to trim. I don't have nail fungus, just like the softening effect of this. It's better then any moisturizing lotion/cream I've ever used. Yes it's a bit pricey, but lasts a longtime.

  • skyflier - No Support for update failure from H & R Block because "purchased through third party"??!!

    The software appeared to install just fine from the CD shipped to me. After successful installation, a federal update was available, downloaded ok, but INSTALLATION "rolled back" and was not applied. I tried the H&R Block download website and same thing occurred. Tried on my other PC, same results. I've used their product without a hitch for years....after being disconnected from telephone tech support twice before getting to a human voice, I resorted to online chat support where I was told "since you did not purchase the software through H&R Block any issues with your purchase must be directed to the original source of purchase" PERIOD. I regret that because H&R Block slammed the door on customer support in this manner- because the successfully downloaded update cannot be applied- it some ISN'T their problem???!!! WOOOW... Look out!