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  • motherearthdoula - Kaplan NCLEX-RN

    Seriously this book helped me pass the NCLEX RN on the first try with the minimal questions. The most helpful aspect is the strategies it gives you for answering the NCLEX questions! I highly recommend this book over other test bank focused books as it really prepares you by giving you the skills to find the correct answers with confidence! Plus it beats paying the $300+ for the Kaplan review course!

  • LovesDresses - Not a miracle, but still a nice cream.

    Not a miracle but a nice skin care product. The Day Formula makes my face feel soft, yet firm. The night cream does the same. What is going on under the top layer of skin is anyone's guess. We all hope for that miracle cream, but I don't think this is it.. but I do like it!

  • jmf1986 - no more hair loss.

    I couldnt bring myself to spring for the whole line. I only use the scalp revitalizer and pair it with other sulfate free shampoos and conditioners (wen, dermorganics, etc.) It took about 2 weeks to see a diff. I wash and use the scalp revitalizer about 4x a week. After using regularly, all my hair loss at the root has virtualy stopped. Now im working on hair loss due to breakage.

  • Jae Paik - Great car seat

    I suppose I can't compare it to any other child seat, except for the Britax B-Safe 35 that came with our Britax stroller.

  • Julie - It works!

    Thank you! I spent 35$ and got 3 of these with free one day shipping. I needed my water flow back, fast. between my husband and I each drink almost a gallon a day. The OEM filter was 35$ for one and it lasted about 3 months before the flow weakened to a point where it took 3 minutes to fill a glass. I installed this one and ran water through as directed and we have a nice, strong flow of water that is tasteless. It seems to work just the same as the Frigidaire brand. Even if this one only lasts 3 months as well, at least this one is 3 times less than the OEM one. So happy with this product so far.

  • John Walters - Fast and thouough!

    This is the second year that I renewed my subscription for 5 computers in my home. It works very fast, and does not bog the computer down during a scanning of the hard drive. It has found several suspicious items trying to enter my computer so far, and I installed it around the 15th of January (13). I chose to re-buy the CD-rom rather that upload direct from the company. This way, I have an actual hard copy disk rather that sending payment for an additional disk all at the same price! I have automatic scan, plus I manually scan a total of three times a day. Very satisfied. Once I called customer service, they were very helpful to me. I rate them very highly.