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  • Phidian - then combed her with a fine tooth flea comb and it did seem to immobilize ...

    I am probably just speaking for myself, in terms of how I reacted to this product? Because I had a bone-marrow transplant some years ago and so my immune system is compromised. My dog looks okay but I actually felt a bit ill after being exposed to this product by spraying it on my dog and then putting it through her fur with my hand...So I hurried to wash it off with soap and water a few times. Because I had that reaction, I wet a towel thoroughly and then wet my dog where I put the product, then combed her with a fine tooth flea comb and it did seem to immobilize the fleas, I just did all this so I don't know how it will be in the long term. If I do use it again, I would really dilute the stuff by using a wet towel to just put a trace of it on her fur, I don't think I'd spray it on her right out of the bottle. Sometimes there is no such thing as a free lunch but I did seem to accommodate​ myself to the product to where I feel more comfortable with it.

  • CEOJ - Awesome!

    Just as previous Jon Ronson books, this short Amazon single, is a terrific read that you wish could be longer.

  • Kirby Avinger - kindergarten workshop

    I gave it one star only because the clothing on here are my style in looks but to my disappointment when they show up they are bad quality and the size is way off but what can you expect from a foreign manufacturer it took my package Lile 20 days to get here if the clothing didn't look like it was mad in a kindergarten workshop I would have gave it 4 stars

  • BC Cloutier - Amazingly passionate

    Scott Pratt has the ability to bring the reader through a full spectrum of emotion -- from laughter to suspense to tears in a few hundred pages. His characters are richly crafted and his descriptions have such realism as to give the reader a front row seat in an unfolding drama. Bravo, Mr. Pratt. I can't wait for another of your lawyer tales.

  • Mark & Melissa - Can't wait for Christmas!

    These lights are awesome! I quite literally can't wait for the holidays so that I can use this every night and feel festive. My daughter said these are not laser lights they are "lazy" lights for people who dont want to have to put lights all over their house and I'll take it! LOL! It's going to be fantastic! Less mess and less clean up this year. Its super easy to set up and use. If spending less time on a wobbly ladder installing lights and more time next to the fire with my family means I'm lazy then I'll wear it proudly. I can't think of a better purchase for someone who doesn't have bunches of time for decorating but still wants to be in the spirit of the holidays. I received this item at a discount for an honest review but now after trying it I would hands down buy it again if I needed to. Cant wait for Christmas!