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  • A_Plain_Janeite - It Truly Is An "Amazing" Oil!!

    If you don't know the benefits (and let me tell you, they are MANY) for this wonderful seed/oil, please look it up!

  • Cathy040 - You can Run But you can't hide from this little camera!

    This pen is an excellent pen! I would love to get several more of these for gifts. I took this out of the package and started taking pictures and video's immediately. I am telling you that this camera is wonderful. All I can think is if these were around when my daughter was a baby. That could have been clipped on my diaper bag. I was always worried when I had to leave her at the sitter. This would be awesome to be used for a nanny cam. You can not go wrong with this. This would definitely be a great Christmas Gift. Thanks for this awesome product.

  • Jen F. - Cools Your Drinks

    I love this thing! My brother bought it for my husband and we loved it so much we gave him one a few years later! This can chill a can in 1 minute and a bottle in 3. It even comes with an attachment so that you can bring the cooler tailgating and hook up to your lighter. It works well and we've never had any issues with it in the 2 years we've owned it.

  • Cole Langford - Worst pain ever!!!!

    To start off, I share a bunk bed with my younger brother who ended up giving me the gummy bears in the first place. (But he didn't eat any.)It was about 2:AM a week ago when I had a horrible pain and started screaming like a dying zebra. I jumped off the bed and ended up spraining my ankle and had to crawl like a dead bird to my toilet. As I sat on the toilet, I begged for mercy as the gummy bears fought their way out of my colon. I ended up skipping school the next day occupying my time on the toilet. I. Will. Never. Be. The. Same.

  • Tanya Ritz - EXCELLENT & easy to read book that answers any question you have about therapeutic fasting!

    I've read Keto Clarity & Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore & have followed Dr. Fung online for awhile. After following a Ketogenic diet combined with an intermittent fasting regimen of 16 hours fasting to 8 hours feeding daily (and occasionally a 24 hour fast here and there), I have lost 71 pounds in 8 months. Fasting (& Keto!) has changed my life. It is so wonderful to be free from the obsession with eating & food constantly. I knew the basics about therapeutic fasting but had never ventured into longer fasts & so I ordered this book so I could learn more about it! I will be starting my first fast longer than 24 hours this week, so we'll see how it goes! Highly recommend this book.