211 Contra Costa - 211 Contra Costa - Our mission is to keep people alive and safe, help them through crises, and connect them with culturally relevant resources in the community. 211 Contra Costa Crisis Center is your one-stop resource for finding assistance in your local community. We keep a database of a wide variety of service providers including support groups, community clinics, counselors, shelters, food pantries, programs for seniors, and many more providers in Contra Costa County.

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  • Evan Mehok - Works Very Well

    I've only had this product for a few weeks, and I love it. It works very very well. I've charged 4-AA batteries multiple times (using the guide 10), my digital camera, and my dad's cell phone (using the provided female 12v car charger and his cell phone car charger). I've also fully charged my friends iPhone 4 (which had a battery level of about 20%) with the Guide 10.

  • Sarah - Works all right on the Mac; not so well on PC

    Norton has been ok on my Mac except that when it goes into idle scan mode, it really heats up my machine. On my son's desktop PC, we've had to uninstall it entirely. Not only did it fail to catch a number of viruses, it was causing conflicts as well. On another desktop PC in our house, it seems to work ok.

  • Kristen - I've used gripe water in the past and was happy to see they offered probiotics as well

    I've used gripe water in the past and was happy to see they offered probiotics as well. This has been our saving grace for our little one's reflux! I especially like that it comes with a dropper rather than other brands where you have to wait for it to drip out!

  • Trogdor - Nice case one flaw

    Nice case. The texture is nice. Has one flaw though! The magnets fell out odnthe side of mine less than 3 weeks after receiving it. Now there's gaps where they used to be and its not as comfortable to hold.

  • Dasoulink - NBA 2K series is a excellent sports basketball simulation

    NBA 2K series is a excellent sports basketball simulation. The 2k17 version continues the tradition upon which the game is built. The thing that sets it apart this year? Well the HDR experience is outstanding in itself but the way which the game seems to adapt to your play style is amazing.

  • Beer Pongger - It works for me

    After oil pulling with coconut oil first thing in the morning for 6 weeks(but I also brush and floss) my dental hygienist was flabbergasted at how my mouth and teeth had improved. No plaque and my teeth color did not deteriorate since my last visit. My teeth coloring was one major problem I have always had-extra work to whiten but made the dentist richer. Since beginning oil pulling, I only have to go every 6 months instead of 4 months. In the future I will probably go yearly instead now that my mouth is great. Since I will not have dental insurance for long, this little book has become a marvelous money saver too. I have always enjoyed history and Dr. Fife's clear writing of the connection between oral hygiene and the onset of many illnesses is illuminating, and just plain fun!