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  • Amazon Consumer - this book felt like an absolute dream to her

    I gave this book to a sibling of mine getting ready to take the PTCB exam. From what I have heard, the exam can be quite tough. So when I received this book and gave it to her, I asked her to spend her time using it, and let me know what she thought, if and how it helped prepare her, and what she liked/disliked. The highlight of what she reported back to me was that after being anxious for weeks about the test using another study guide, this book felt like an absolute dream to her. She felt that she was really able to apply what she had learned from her schooling, to this study guide in a way that made her feel more confident and ready for the exam. The questions that mimic what she has heard on the exam really put her mind at ease. She did not have any complaints about this book as it really seemed to be the most comprehensive and detailed study guide she had used. The ability to relate the content of her learning, to this study guide, to real life applications was something she was really impressed by. As a result, I can highly recommend this study guide. For the price, it is such an effective and comprehensive way to really get the most out of your training and education.

  • Sameisha B. - So good I read it in one night

    Omg! So good I read it in one night! Mrs. Welch you did not disappoint with Book 2! I won't say anything because I'm not sure if everyone has finished or started reading the book yet. But happy reading guys! You are in for a surprise!

  • Holly - Very Good

    I watched the original in the theater and own it. I've seen it so many times. This is a good follow up. There is a bit of confusion over character connections and some of the plot is definitely rushed. But its fun and ridiculous and definitely obnoxious in places.

  • S.Capp - Memory foam pillow heaven

    This pillow comes wrapped up tightly in a clear plastic bag with a handle,you have to unwrap it and pull the pillow to fluff it up. It's not that hard to do and has a very soft aloe Vera case over it. I like the way the pillow feels against my face when I go to bed. The pillow shapes to your head and cradles it and your neck as you sleep. I would highly recommend this pillow. It's exactly what I've been looking for it has shredded memory foam so it feels like a big fluffy pillow instead of a big thick piece of foam like regular memory foam pillows. I recieved this at a discount for a far honest review

  • Amazon Customer - Get this card and you too will have a surge in Talmudic confidence ;)

    I'm fairly certain it's only a matter of time before the Gemara card becomes the secret weapon of every effective Jewish day school looking to make their students confident explorers of Talmud. It catalyzed a complete turnaround for myself, an adult learner with a strong day school background that had always assumed Talmud was beyond her grasp. With the Gemara card it literally feels as though the most key aspects of Talmud immersion are at my fingertips - most common words, popular abbreviations, and a timeline of rabbinic figures among other vital information. I feel as though this one clever, visually appealing and well-organized card has allowed me to finally access Talmud on my own terms, at my own pace.