The Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry - Welcome to the website of CEP, the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry. CEP exists to communicate the evidence of the damaging effects of psychiatric drugs and treatments in the UK to the people and institutions that can make a difference.

  • Unrecognised Facts - - Here we highlight various Unrecognised Facts about modern psychiatry which every patient, practitioner and policymaker ought to be aware of.
  • Recovery Videos - - CEP has produced a number of short films about recovery from psychiatric treatments and diagnosis.
  • Withdrawal Advisers - - Various UK withdrawal advisers answer questions concerning withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.
  • Support - - We list various resources available to help support and educate you (and if necessary your doctor) about the process of coming off psychiatric drugs.
  • Members - - CEP's members include psychiatrists, academics, withdrawal support charities and others concerned about the harm caused by psychiatry.

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  • PING - Simple design but creative cutting

    I bought these annual editions every year and this year's "cutting" of the crystal star gives very "sharp" angles of reflection, especially at the edge of the star--one of the best Swarovski annual stars for many years. This year's designer understands the density and reflection properties of their crystals and certainly know something about the art of diamond-cutting. Although Swarovski crystals are not the best but are amongst the better quality, it is the physics and art behind the designers that give some of their products the fame. This year's annual star deserves appreciation from crystal collectors.

  • JBFI - Kept me from having to refinish my tub

    I had a grey stain on the bottom of my tub that no amount of scrubbing with cleanser would remove. I put up with it for years and was considering refinishing my tub. Yesterday I tried CLR. I put ¼ cup in the bottom of the dry tub and just spread it on the stained area without scrubbing. Every time it dried, about every three hours, I spread another ¼ cup on the stained area. I repeated this process four times. After it dried the last time, I wiped the residue off and rinsed it down the drain. The tub looks brand new.

  • subie - Get your dance on!

    I gave it 4 out of 5 because it is harder than playing 2014. If you don't have any Just Dance game for Wii U yet... get the 2014.

  • E'lou - Ho hum... It's a blender, dear.

    I bought their Magic Bullet Blender almost 5 years ago and it's still going. I've never had the first hint of trouble with it or the company until I bought the Nutri Bullet. What a disappointment. It's stronger than the Magic Bullet Blender and has a larger capacity. That's where the advantages end.

  • Desert Runner - "WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    My Grand daughter was sad when she saw the move and that Wilson floated away at sea. Day's later when she received this Wilson ball it big time made her day.

  • Robert Padgett - Nice product, BUT needs some help

    Does the job, BUT made very poorly. Spots and blemishes within the plastic coating. A buddy of mine ordered his and he had the exact same issue, so it isn't just one. Also not wrapped very well for shipping, one end of mine was sticking out of the wrapping and has a scuff on it. I was very close to sending this back, but figured the next one would have the same issues. Great product IF the seller get make it look a bit nicer and package it properly.

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    As a hotel manager , Microsoft Vizio has been invaluable to mg maintenance team. With all types of templates in the program my team had designed emergency room maps, architectural type of room designs, exterior building designs. It's unbelievable tool that I recommend fully.