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  • Allen Pink - just awesome

    will go anywhere. can do anything. the perfect ski, light, fast and incredible hold on edge. really really versatile. awesome!

  • Shane K. - Overall, pretty good effort.Gaga is going in a different direction, setting a foundation for some great things to come.

    Joanne is an album that tries to be several different things, with many hits, but some misses. There's jazz, electric, country, soul folk, dance pop, and retro 70's & 80's vibes at times. Unfortunately, the lyrics suffer at times, and feel lazy in some tracks (some tracks, not all). For me, the highlights of Joanne are the following tracks, A-Yo, Dancing in Circles, John Wayne, Perfect Illusion, Come to Mama, Just Another Day, and Million Reasons are the best tracks. After second listen, Hey Girl also grew slightly on me (I thought it was terrible upon first listen). It kind of has an Elton John old-school duet-y style to it. Joanne is definitely a mature effort compared to Gaga's earlier albums. And the musical accompaniments in the latter half of the album are quite fantastic. If you only enjoy her for the Fame days or Born this Way, you may find that you won't care much for this album, other than for the few pop/dance songs (in which case just purchase those singles). Musically, I feel like Gaga is trying to find her new self, and this album is a good start, with great potential of awesome things to come. I think this is better than Art Pop, but not quite as enjoyable as Born this Way. But over time, that opinion may change.

  • Oboe Lady - Dark Secrets, Dark Reality Yet True Love Prevails

    Lola Grace, 18, meets Max, 35, at a bar. She is an innocent embracing life on her birthday. Ending up in Max's bed, Lola Grace leaves the next morning expecting more time with her lover. The next day she is horrified to discover Max is just married to her politically ambitious mother. She turns her back on him, and Max knows he should stay away from her. But can they avoid what started in a one-night stand turned more romantic and serious? Many twists in their story evolve, and what seems to be reality is not. It all leads to Max and Lola Grace following the path to their destiny.

  • debra londono - I have read all of his books and highly recommend all of them

    Frank Kinslow is changing lives with a simple system that anyone can learn. I have read all of his books and highly recommend all of them. His earlier books prepared me for this one. You don't need the earlier books, to understand this one, but in my opinion each one will make your life a little better day by day.

  • Dinobot1977 - May not work for me, but im so glad these items are out there.

    I don't actually notice a difference in my sleep whether I use these or not. I'm sure everybody's body chemistry is different, so it probably works better for some than others. I just have found that for me, it just hasn't made much of a difference on sleepless nights.

  • cmriker - Miracle-worker for my anxious cat

    This works perfectly for my anxious cat. My current roommate has a cat, and one of my cats really doesn't like him. He's always been anxious, but then he started to "go" outside of the litter box, and he was scratching furniture and fighting with the other cat, as well. His behavior just really got out of control, and I was at my wit's end, thinking I'd have to rehome him in order to stop the behavior. I was really skeptical about the Feliway product, because it's one of those things that won't work for every animal in every case, but I'm so glad I tried it. It was worth the money. It's brought the incidents down to a minimum, and I don't even have the thing running all the time.

  • Amazon Customer - Simply Amazing!!

    This product is simply amazing. I've battled with acne for about 5 years, and it feels like I'd tried everything. Then a friend recommended this product. I started seeing results in the first 2 weeks, and with every week that passed it just got better and better. I've been using the regimen for about 2 months and I won't be stopping any time soon. I would recommend this product to anyone that struggles with acne.