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  • Amazon Addict - Great protector - use in a well ventilated area

    Works well, helps clothes/fabrics repel stains and water. Treated a jacket with this and it all beads right off. Just remember to do it in a well-ventilated area because it stinks a bit and you can get light-headed. Also, do this in an area where you don't mind the overspray going onto the floor. It made my linoleum in the bathroom a bit slick for a while.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the whole album

    Love the whole album. Got it on lp to get the best of both worlds with the digital download. It's modern and classic!

  • Justine Escobedo - Amazing!

    I use this for almost everything lol It takes some time to dry but it works great! I've used on shoes, on wood furniture too. Now anytime I feel the need for glue, I only use this stuff!

  • Amazon Customer - this actually gives a beautiful color and I had a base tan after two ...

    this actually gives a beautiful color and I had a base tan after two 7 minute tanning sessions. I am light and tend to freckle, this gave such a gorgeous color and left my skin so incredibly soft. Smells like coffee but it isn't over powering and goes away.