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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 10.1333 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • Eric Gustafson - OK but expected more

    I pre ordered this for my 9 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. I would defiantly say it was worth the pre-order price just for the fact that it puts a smile on her face.

  • tyler - Kava is a great way to transition off of bad medications

    I was on a benzo based medication for a while and I did not like the fact that your body builds a tolerance and they basically dope you up even more. This stuff gives a similar feeling. The kavalactones are NOT water soluble, so for the negative reviews......they may or may not read this but try drinking it with milk or coconut milk or any fatty liquid. It will not be absorbed as well without the presence of a lipid during consumption. I personally opened up the capsules and mixed half and half along with chocolate milk. I think the flavor works incredibly well with creamy chocolate. People say its gross and bitter, but I drink black coffee every morning so, I'm one of those weirdos that isn't effected by the taste. Anywho, cheers everyone! I hope it works well for you.