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  • Momof20paws - Energy Greens

    Well..................This product definitely does what it says--provides energy. Not like speed or caffeine, but just an "Oh, I feel really good today" energy. The taste is "earthy". Duh---it's greens! I add it to my NutriBlasts in the morning. I've found the BEST way to use this is to put the powder in first, add the rest of your ingredients, including the water, then throw in the frig for about 20 minutes. That gives the powder time to dissolve somewhat. :) And I've found to never mix the powder with kale----way too strong for me. But spinach is fine. All in all I would definitely purchase this again.

  • John 3:16 - Great Bat

    Second DeMarini Bat for different members, both have been excellent and meet all of the current certifications for play. They are tough bats!

  • Swampy - Good for the money

    Looks to be identical to the OEM cross bars. I wanted to save a few bucks and figure I would give this a try. From what I read on Jeep forums the OEM cross bars are made of plastic as well and seem to operate and look the same.

  • A. Smith - Good brand.

    This is the Cadillac of anti virus software and there's no deal better than this one anywhere, and at the time I bought this, even this price beat Kaspersky's own price for this product. My added Prime membership gave me free shipping which made this deal even sweeter :)

  • William S. Olewiler - Some problems

    The first copy I received was for a zone other than US. It created problems for Windows 7 that are not fully resolved after two weeks. I returned that copy and received the correct disk which installed correctly. I also run Outlook 2007 on a different machine. I much prefer the 2007 interface.

  • Daniel Reese - Very fast, very effective water filter

    Used this in Bryce Canyon last week. Worked perfectly. Much faster than my old water filter, and just needed me to put my weight on it. Seems like I get close to 1/2 liter of clean water in about 15-20 seconds.

  • Moonblue72 - Solid, reliable, and some nice features.

    I purchased a new 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4 x 2 that was fully loaded- it has all the available options. I really LOVE the ventilated seats (Texas summers are brutal!) and the a/c works great! The only thing I don't like is that you cannot permanently turn off the fuel saving option. I HATE that thing. It's annoying to be at a stoplight and have to wait a few seconds while your car restarts before you can go. I know, whats a few seconds? Well, it's annoying to me. Other than that, I like it. It's smooth, comfortable and loaded with cool technology. The leather seats are okay... my tiny less than 10 pound dog slightly ripped the passenger side seat corner, which is really annoying. I feel like they should be able to stand up to more than that. Geesh. But, Again, overall a cool SUV. A little boring, maybe, for my liking (I am used to sportier cars), but a good solid reliable car.