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  • D. B. Gore - Replaced my original Magic Jack

    Came in fast and I saved about 12 bucks ordering here than from MJ online (4.5% tax and MJ shipping came to 81 bucks, but ordering here no shipping or tax.) I had the old Magic Jack (MJ) and loved it but had to leave my computer on all the time. Initially I was not going to get the new plusit and lose my subscription for 5 years I bought but on setup I selected replace an existing one and got all my time (but not the free year it came with but that is minor compared to losing my remaining three years on the original one. I run it on a cable modem with a Linksys e3000 dual band router. I had a duh moment too. I used to hate the screen popping up on my computer when i was typing and could not wait to get it off screen. Plugged in the caller ID comes up if the caller is in the MJ contacts but when used this way it is exactly like a landline in that I only see caller ID on folks programmed into the phone set I use. I was so programmed for seeing all calls that I almost regretted switching. It took me all of one day to like it better than the distractions. If you use the MJ contact list and call from your computer a lot, you can still do that by disconnecting the device from the power and the Ethernet to the router and plug it in directly like the original. Although you then have to have the computer on so why upgrade?


    To those who may, like I, be inclined towards utilizing this product for raising more than just your Geiger counter, one and a half words: Don't. At first, the tingling sensation was quite stimulating, for both me and my lady-partner. The glow-in-the-dark properties conferred upon my majestic member number one also proved to be extremely useful, as the room we were in was extremely dark. Without my newly irradiated glow torch to navigate by, our merry-makings would have been made infinitely more clumsy and possibly even futile!

  • Helen Wright - I found it fascinating

    I bought this book for resource purposes and it was very useful to me and very educational. It has helped me to complete my project and I found it fascinating in the process and I'm much more open minded to the whole concept too. I would recommend for sure.

  • Melinda - Great if your very out of shape

    However I am not very out of shape. The workouts just moved far to slow for me. I gave it to a friend who is obese and she said it is wonderful and moves at the right pace for her to breath a bit between moves. So if your mildly fit or better this is not for you, if your pretty out of shape this will get you where you need to be without pushing you too hard.

  • mikey - Four Stars

    Good resolution, has all the bells and whistles, and has a study mount. And a good price. Recommended.

  • Amazon Customer - I love this. I started taking this a few weeks ...

    I love this. I started taking this a few weeks ago and it does mix well. I usually take it with water or my iced coffee in the mornings. I take it along with Vitex and the prenatal vitamins my doctor has me on. I'm hoping that it helps me start my period so my husband and I can start trying

  • Mystery lover - Purple light not helpful

    I have an older one of these that is the white light. It worked great for a long time. The new one with the purple light was a waste of money. It does not cut well. The purple light makes it impossible to see what you are doing. I still use my old one and not this new one.