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  • Claire - Didn't notice a difference

    Bottle is almost gone and I haven't noticed any difference in my night vision. I actually purchased it to see if it would help with the redness in my eyes. It does say "Capillary Health"..but no improvement there either.

  • mountainDrop - Indestructible

    I bought these to replace my original mud flaps on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma, they work way better too. They are slightly shorter than the original one's, I have really put them to the test here in Lake Tahoe, Snow, Ice, mud, rocks, sand...there indestructible. Super easy install too. I highly recommend them.

  • Julie O'Keeffe - Great iron and customer service!

    I love my TYME iron, and use it about 3 times per week. It is a different concept than what we are used to so it takes some time to adjust to it. I kept trying, then all of a sudden, it clicked, and I was able to get amazing curls/beachy waves. About 6 months in, I noticed that it would turn off, and begin cooling, and I would have to turn it back on. This happened for a few weeks, so I contacted their customer service, and they were amazing! I received an answer back within a few hours, and they sent me a new iron. You can tell a lot about a company by their customer service, and they wanted me to be completely satisfied. If you are looking for the type of hair that is and will continue to be trending, you will want this iron!

  • Martin - GREAT product! I was skeptical, but it worked.

    A friend recommended SHREDZ to me and swore that it helped her lose weight. I was quite skeptical, as I've tried countless other supplements and so-called "miracle workers," but I ended up seeing little to no results. Nonetheless, I decided to give SHREDZ a try. I've been gaining too much weight lately, and I was desperate to lose it before attending a friend's wedding. Lo and behold, it has worked! Within just a week of taking it, I began to notice some improvement, and It only got better from there. Of course, I worked out and ate right while taking it. In the past, though, I also worked out and ate right, yet never saw the kind of positive results that I'm seeing now. I don't get jittery or have mood swings like with some other products.

  • M. Eiden - The lights are awesome, so soothing and relaxing

    The lights are awesome, so soothing and relaxing. The oil diffuser makes a room smell so fresh, I love everything about this unit.

  • bstrain - Disappointed in Quality.

    My granddaughter enjoyed the Mamaroo but After only 2 months of limited use it has stopped working. It was not mishandled or had anything happen that would cause damage. I have contacted the seller. I am waiting to hear back from them on what can be done. This is too expensive an item to not last any longer than 2 months.