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  • Katherine Hawk - Thank you

    He loves it plays everyday this is the best thing I bought for him this year, I wish when they said it was everything you needed they would have mention speakers for hook up... But it works fine.

  • OWen - Good product

    I was advised by my motorcycling friends that sea foam is the way to go with engine treatments. They also advised using it prior to storing a motorcycle for anything length of time. Since I live in Florida I don't do much in the way of storing. But this product seemed to live up to its reputation. I even use it in the lawn tractor (which only gets started once every few weeks).

  • Nettabird - I LOVE THIS THING.

    This is awesome! I hit the button when my toddler (who is afraid of it, but she'll get used to it) and I leave the apartment and when we come back there are fresh vacuum lines all over the carpets! Helps me keep clutter off the floor, too, since I know it's going to hit everywhere. Now I'm looking at a scooba too. Soon as I have more than 20 square feet of linoleum...

  • jdevillar - even several different prescription cures and not only did NOTHING WORK - the chemicals were terrible and harsh on the kids hair

    bought this for my granddaughters - there was a lice outbreak at the daycare and local school - for months we tried the over the counter products, even several different prescription cures and not only did NOTHING WORK - the chemicals were terrible and harsh on the kids hair

  • Pound Cake - My new favorite

    I have been looking at this product for months before I decided to buy it and I'm glad I did. At first I was disappointed at the size of the bottle, it is a 8.8oz bottle, until I put it on and a little covered my entire face. I can already tell if I use this product only once a week like it suggests, I will probably have enough for at least three months. Maybe longer, a little goes a long way unlike department stores which I feel takes up a quarter of a bottle. It goes on silky and smooth and instantly feels calming on my face instead of the irritation burning feeling from store brands.I dunno if I have sensitive skin, I don't think so or at least not very much, but this just feels very relaxing and made of natural ingredients. Afterwards my skin feels baby soft and I have to stop myself from touching my face too much from how soft it felt. I don't know, I really enjoyed this product and will buy it again and recommend it. I was not paid for this review nor asked. I just like the product