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  • Partner Sites | ConsultGeri - The NHCGNEThe National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE) is a collaboration between the Coordinating Center housed at the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, NYU College of Nursing and schools of nursing and institutions internationally that have demonstr
  • Tools | ConsultGeri - The goal of the Try This: Best Practices in Nursing Care to Older Adults series of assessment tools is to provide knowledge of best practices in the care of older adults that is:easily accessibleeasily understoodeasily implemented, andto encourage the use of these best practices by all direct care nursesThe content is directed to orient and encourage all nurses to understand the special needs of older adults and utilize the highest standards of practice in caring for the elderly.
  • Curriculum Guide for Faculty | ConsultGeri - A Curriculum Guide for Implementation of an Advanced Certificate in Gerontology: A Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate from the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse
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  • Alkavas Vi - Or maybe I got a bad one. At any rate

    Despite seeing in the answers section that this is supposed to fit the Nvidia SHIELD K1 tablet, it actually doesn't. Or maybe I got a bad one. At any rate, there's a weird gap in the screen protector where I'm assuming an older model might have had a camera lens, but there isn't one on the k1. It ends up leaving a big gap in protection. I'm very disappointed, especially given the price.

  • AmazonCustomer - Works really well on blemishes. I added a few ...

    Works really well on blemishes. I added a few drops into my toner to use on my face daily. I also added a few drops into my shampoo and it really helped with my greasy hair. Much cheaper option than the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo I was using before. If you add a few drops to your bubble bath, it'll make your skin really soft too. This stuff does have a strong smell, but it doesn't linger that long. I've put some over a pimple and gone out without noticing an odor.

  • Melanie Speights - Simple and Effective!

    I was incredibly skeptical but I was willing to try anything rather than having to rip out a tile, baseboard and chance having to replace more than 1. We have wood grain tile (36inches in length with a 1/8 inch grout line). We had to put duct tape on the floor and injected the material through the duct tape but that was just because the grout line was so small. IT WORKED! We followed the directed indicated in the video. I actually went around looking for more tiles (we did 2000 sq ft) that were hollow just because it was so easy to use.

  • Anny - All the latest hits....

    Ordered this CD after watching the Grammy's and so pleased that I did. Would definitely recommend, I even purchased a copy for a family member overseas.

  • Grenade - Do not buy any Quicken 2014 product if you export payroll data from Intuit Online Payroll

    This is not much of an upgrade from Quicken 2012 and its negative features far outweigh any upgrade benefits. For example, you cannot, I repeat CANNOT, export Intuit Online Payroll to Quicken 2014 (that's confirmed by Quicken support--it is "not an included feature." I ran 2 weeks of normal data through 2014 then did my first payroll. That's when I figured out that IOP cannot export to 2014. But, 2014 data file is not backwards compatible with 2012 so you have to go back to where you left 2012 and reload all the financial data from there to get back to the present. Save yourself a lot of trouble and just stay at Quicken 2012 if you need to export payroll data from IOP to any Quicken 2014 product. Customer service at Quicken has zero answers except that IOP doesn't work with Q2014...can't someone do a better job with personal finance software than Intuit...?

  • Amazon Customer - Dates wrong???

    I LOVE the format BUT ... (please correct me if I am mistaken) am relunctant to make the purchase as the calender appears to be wrong - It looks like the first of January 2016 is a Monday (when I am pretty sure it is a Friday) and in addition it is missing 29th of February (again I'm pretty sure 2016 is a leap year). I would be really interested if these issures were corrected???