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  • Milo - And the Rock Out 2 speaker has the best sound for a speaker its size

    My 5 stars are given for what I use the kit for ... I combine it with the Rock Out 2 rechargeable speaker and use them on my boat and at the beach. I plug the speaker into the Guide 10 which is connected to the solar panel, and my iPod or iPhone into the speaker. When the iPod / iPhone gets down to low battery, I unplug the speakers from the Guide 10 and plug the iPod / iPhone into the Guide 10 and use the speaker on its battery until that runs down, and make the swap again ... I have listened to music all day on the boat or at the beach from the power of the sun. And the Rock Out 2 speaker has great sound quality for a speaker its size. I plan to order another combination so i can keep one on my boat and one at home. If you'd like to listen to music outdoors without worrying about battery failure, I highly recommend this combination.

  • drumminwoman - YES, it works!

    I give this contraption 5 stars because, once you get it adjusted correctly, it works exactly like the videos and instructions say it does. The first morning after I broke my ankle, I attempted to use my "normal" crutches to get to the bathroom and fell straight over onto my back, which made me afraid to even try them again. I rented a knee scooter, which is great, but I longed to be able to get up and down the stairs leading to my apartment. I looked at the information, the videos, and the reviews, and decided to give this thing a try. I have to say that, before I actually tried it out, I showed the picture on the instruction booklet to an ortho doctor and NP, and they both just laughed and laughed. But you know what? I'm walking into my follow-up appointment on this thing. I bet they don't laugh anymore.

  • Drew & Liz - It light the cat urine up like a Christmas tree

    I have to be honest, when my husband showed me that he bought this flash light I thought he was crazy.... Why did we need a black light flashlight?!? Well, when our outdoor cat got stuck in a back bedroom and I could smell urine, but couldn't find it- then this came in real handy!!! It light the cat urine up like a Christmas tree! I was able to see exactly where she went, and clean all affected areas. It's great!

  • wongone - Stress relief???

    I ordered these because I had been reading how ingesting Kava root could produce stress relieving results. The directions say to take one capsule. If you take one capsule, you will probably not notice a damn thing. If you take four to eight of them, you feel something, but I would not call it a "stress relieving feeling." It is more of an irritating feeling if anything; it produces a kind of light-headed/headache-y feeling. In my experience with this product, I would say that it does not produce the intended results. But the same can be said for many herbs. Hell, sometimes even a strong cup of coffee won't wake you up in the morning. Point being, results are going to vary from individual to individual, but if you are really interested in this stuff, I would do a Google search for the website for the company that is based in Hawaii that also makes this stuff. They claim to produce Kava with a much higher percentage of Kavalactones.