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  • David Arnold Crawford - juice plus

    I have been using this as a supplement for years now. I find that only one of these supplements a day increases my energy and regularity. Being natural with no sugar made the choice simple too.

  • Steve - It sounds like it's worth a try

    I haven't used this yet but I will. It sounds like it's worth a try. I'd check the prices elsewhere first though.

  • Willow - Definitely recommend!

    Both my husband and I have long hair, and the TubShroom is really helping to keep our tub draining freely when we shower. We have to clean it out after two or three shampoos, but this is easy to do. It is so much better at catching hair than the various drain screens I have used in the past, and it also is much easier to clean than our previous hair catcher. I hesitated a little before ordering because I was concerned that the TubShroom might get moldy, but that hasn't happened at all in the two months we have been using it. I didn't want to call attention to the device, so I chose white to blend in with our white tub. Definitely recommend.

  • Research Hound - Written in 2009, information is no longer accurate

    I bought this book a year or two ago, when I found it cheaper elsewhere. In my excitement to living a healthier life and wanting to pass any valuable information along to my parents, who are older and have already dealt with some of the issues Shane described in his book, I enthusiastically joined his newsletter/blog posts and his facebook page. Given all of this information, the following is my opinion of Mr. Ellison and his book.

  • KinDC - Just what your dogs been asking for

    I was skeptical at first, I'm one of those dog owners that likes her dog to have the finer things in life. I purchased all the fancy shampoos Amazon has to offer but I couldn't seem to justify the price of them. After much debate with my boyfriend (aka - hey you should try Mane N Tale) I decided to give it a try - it's cheap and it's huge so if it sucks, I don't really lose too much.

  • Glenn - the fact that you can turn things on and off from your phone is awesome. I purchased one for mom

    I originally purchased this for my AC, but my AC turns off when power is disconnected, so it doesn't work. HOWEVER, I have a Breville espresso maker that doesn't have an automatic shutoff. These little devices work perfectly, because I have it auto shut off every three hours, therefore, it will never be left on. Also, the fact that you can turn things on and off from your phone is awesome.