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  • Greg D - Good ball. I can lose these just as easily ...

    Good ball. I can lose these just as easily as I lose PROV1 golf balls. May as well save the money!

  • Barb - EO Diffuser

    I own three other essential oil diffusers. For me, the different colors of lights are a waste since I don't turn them on. I do like being able to have the mist come out continuously or in 30-second bursts (my other diffusers do not have that option), although I think the green light should be for the continuous mist (just my opinion). The unit is not quiet but it's not extremely loud either. The mist shoots straight up which works for some locations but not others, so being able to direct the mist at a different angle would be a plus. The water cup holds much more than the water reservoir on the diffuser holds, so don't just dump the water in willy-nilly or you'll have a mess. All in all, this diffuser works just fine for what it is and is definitely at an affordable price point. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • J. Reichel - Antenna

    Bought for my 2016 Chevy Colorado because the antenna that was on it was too high and I couldn't fit it in my garage. This antenna worked great and now I can pull it in the garage with no problem. The radio stations come in fine.

  • Suzy Q Tx. - Step by Step medical coding

    This is an educational book Good teaching format Very informative for continuing education.Good type print making reading easy on the eyes. Good delivery service from seller