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  • MarinTrader - Good but pricey

    I read the "Turbo Protein Diet" book which heavliy marketed and based its diet on the Almased powder. To give the diet a fair chance, I ordered the Almased. While it appears to be of high quality, thickens up the shake well (I only used water to limit the amount of calories and carbs), and tastes acceptable - it does help you drop pounds as promised in the book. HOWEVER, I am big on getting good deals and getting the most for my money. To this aim I also ordered Spirutein strawberry flavored protein powder. After losing 10 pounds on the Almased, I started flavoring my shakes with the Spirutein. Once I ran out of Almased, I continued the diet using only the Spirutein with the same results. Another 10 pounds lost. My non-scientific conclusion? You can get the same results using Spirutein, save over 30% the expense of Almased, get a better tasting shake and Spriutein also comes in banana, chocolate and other flavors. BTW - Spriutein is also non-GMO, all natural and very comparable to Almased.

  • Rodolfo Del Bosque II - Incredible safety with options, and easy to use.

    I have been using the free version for a while now but upgraded to the more robust features of a paid subscription. I not only have Avast installed in our home server but on our Android phones too. What an amazing way to secure your phone and even take a photo of the person who has tried to unlock your device linked with Google maps pinpoint of where the event occurred.

  • tierra - Great great product!!!

    I have been natural for about 4 months and I have different hair textures in my head, more specifically a straighter part of my hair that is very hard to keep twisted when I do my 2 strand twists. I am very pleased that my hair actually kept its hold with this product! It smells wonderful!!! I am very impressed and will buy again!

  • Michael Moran - ... many other reviews that this charger is a total waste of money and time

    I also agree with many other reviews that this charger is a total waste of money and time. If you are reading this review please do yourself a favor and do not buy this product. I am going to try to get a refund because when I plug either of these chargers into my phone the phone just vibrates not stop because the charger cannot maintain a connection. The only way to use these chargers is to shut the phone off and charge it. It will charge (very slowly, but it will), or to leave the phone in another room where the incessant beeping doesn't distract/annoy you. Again, just avoid it all together.

  • N.. Jenkins - Beautiful!

    I have collected these ornaments since 2000 and they are all so beautiful. I keep thinking one can't possibly be more beautiful than the next. but when I receive a new one, for a short while it is! The price and shopping experience with Amazon makes it even better.