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  • Amazon Customer - 5 stars

    Works exactly as described. A great addition to the toolbox. Comes with a solid case and tools. Very well made tool.

  • Kbates - Skeptic turned believer

    So far I like this stuff and I most definitely was going out on a limb trying it. I have had terrible luck with other facial oils like marajuca. I use it to take off my eye makeup (a replacement for the unhealthy baby oil I used to use) and as a facial moisturizer. I am 25 and have hormonal acne that is made much worse with pregnancy. This doesn't seem to aggravate it / something almost all other moisturizers seem to do. I have used almost all different kinds of skin care on the market from cheap to expensive and I just keep coming back to acure products. No, they don't produce miracles but they are far the most gentle on my skin with the best results. I am always sad after a week of trying something new that I even left behind something I know works so well. So for this product hopping junky I think I've learned my lesson. Stick with acure and keep buying this argan oil.

  • Thomas Dodd - IT'S A REAL PIECE OF JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!

    I bought one of these on line and got two for the price of one. I had to pay for shipping on the second one along with shipping on the so called free cook ware and free lids for all the cookware etc. This believe me was a pretty hefty price. I ordered all this stuff on June of 2012 it is now April 2014 and both units are broken. The plastic face covering on both of them wore out and the buttons punched through. I called and asked the company what I could do. Their reply was that the warranty period was over and they were no longer obligated to do anything for me. That was there answer. I would not buy one of these PIC cook tops they are all plastic and the face is nothing but electrician's tape with printing on it. Buy one from some other company they have tops with stainless steel construction that's what I'll be doing. Also the tops I had did not heat evenly they had hot spots. DON'T BUY ONE OF THESE YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU DID. Unhappy Cook

  • dianehal - A must have

    Works great and thin enough to carry in my purse. Fast shipping. Would order from this seller again! Thank you!

  • jack2343 - awesome!!!!

    this actually just apply it on area wait a few minutes then wash it off and bam the hair is gone. so pain less and quick. way better than shaving or waxing. it does smell a little weird but nothing a wash with soap cant fix. i love this product. and with an awesome price i =for sure recommend it.