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  • Kaitflower - Not what I was hoping for

    When I bought this item I envisioned cleaning all my hard floors easily. I have 2 dogs and I live in the country and I'm constantly on my hands and knees cleaning the floors. For me, this was a waste of money

  • Mel O - Best stuff ever for diaper rash

    I've tried them all (had 2 in diapers for 2 years), and this is the best! Others work, but this makes redness or rash disappear like lightning.

  • GColorado - Hmmm, why did I buy it?

    Well, thought this was going to be good and it turned out.. not. messy and it leaked upon arrival. Funny, saw it in the store and should have bought it there instead. oh well, used it up and will find something else.

  • Giasa - As close as you are going to get to Wen

    There are a lot of reviews already, but I am going to add my two cents on my experience with this product. I have very fine, colored, brittle hair. Usually I have to wash every other day, since it gets oily very quickly. I tried Wen and loved it, but cannot afford it. So, I tried Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner with Jojoba Hair Conditioners And Treatments and L'Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner. Hair One wins hands down. L'Oreal Evercreme smells better, in my opinion, but that's about it. My hair felt greasy the very next day. For me, Hair One is as close as you are going to get to Wen.

  • Jacqui Alvarez - Excellent Power/Cost ratio...

    This is a killer amp. Be aware in reviews that different amps are being reviewed. This is run at only 4 ohms, so 400 watts, but

  • C Hines - It is working for my family

    I know the idea of "pulling oil" seems odd but in the 3 weeks my kids and I have been doing this, bad breath has all but gone and our teeth are noticeably whiter. My 15 YO son's acne has become less active and his skin looks clearer overall. My daughter's persistent sinus drainage has all but stopped (a miracle for her). I'll report back in a few months.

  • M. S. John - Don't waste your money on this.

    A total waste of money. Just like a bad movie, it's overly marketed and beautifully packaged to sell sell sell. Don't be fooled. I'm convinced that the 5 star givers here are paid for their reviews. We tried to get a refund, but were given the run-around so much that we went past the 30 days and then they refused on those grounds. We feel so stupid again after being taken in by a slick marketing scheme. No wonder that so many good people are forced to become such skeptics in this day and age. When raising your kids, use common-sense, discipline, attentivness and trust your own god given judgements. Turning off the TV is one of the best things you can do for ALL of your family. We don't even own one anymore. Yes, we got through it alive.