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  • Carey Holzman - Diamond in the rough

    There are many typographical errors and poor sentence and grammar structure throughout this book. A copy editor would add so much value and professionalism to what is otherwise an excellent book. I've read too many academic books on this topic, but this author approached it like a knowledgeable friend giving another real-world advice.

  • Amazon Customer - It seems the developer has lost interest

    I have been using Living Cookbook for ten or more years and have purchased several updates on more than one computer in that time. I STILL USE IT EVERY DAY and am still happy with it.

  • StargateSG1 - One of the handiest products ever

    This is the third Total Trolley I've purchased. Purchased one of these for my dad about 8 years ago and he has used it daily to move 200lbs of sensitive equipment around the US. This has added years to his back. He recently asked us for another one so we bought him another. The wheels on the first one were finally starting to go so he asked for another to cannabalize for parts. I purchased another one for us and has been a godsend in remodeling our house.

  • A. Garrison - Awaiting the next chapter

    Bella is truly gifted with a great imagination and a talent for sharing it with others. As an adult who has read all of her previous books, this did not disappoint. It was a little slow to start but the underlying intrigue made the initial lack of pace easy to overlook. There is a little for everyone in this book, mystery, espionage, romance, tension, and perhaps a little paranormal though that remains to be seen.

  • Jude M. Cancelliere - WORKS!!

    Originally I purchased this product in a local store and after using it a very short time I saw results. My heels weren't that bad, but I do have rough skin on my heels & I have bunions with rough skin too. I also noted an added benefit, it's wonderful on my hands. I hate hand lotions etc. on the palms of my hands but I put the Flexitol on the palms of my hands to rub it on my feet & it has softened my hands too. I don't use the product twice a day, I use it after I shower & dry off, but as I said my heels weren't terrible. When I saw this on Amazon I ordered one for myself and one for my sister who has a problem with her hands getting really sore in the winter. It only took a few days for the package to arrive and it was in excellent condition. The price was comparable to my local store, my order qualified for free shipping & I didn't have to drive to the store in the holiday traffic.