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  • Richard Baker - Logitech has perfected the mouse. You won't need anything else

    The Good: Beautiful design and ergonomics, insane battery life, wonderful LED display, super lightweight, best wireless technology in a mouse so far, great software

  • Toni L - Added complications

    Of the books in this series (of which each is completely standalone), I've really enjoyed having the main characters have their own voice. That's why, with almost 1/3 of the book read we hadn't really heard from Hunter I was starting to get disappointed. And there he is! I'm happy again. This is another great book in this series & while I loved the dynamic of these 2 characters, I'm not really sure that I completely liked them. Still a great read though & well worth the time. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

  • monet - No I don't work for Shredz

    I used this product for one month along with coffee bean and garcinia cambogia and lost 19lbs. Once I added shredz to my regiment I had clean energy all day. No jitters or burning in my chest or my skin feeling like it was on fire. Lol. Sorry for laughing but readying the reviews on here is what made me right a review because I didnt experience any of the side affects people were claiming to have. Anywho...I only used the burner pill and I love the affects it had. It really got me through my 30 min jump rope sessions. I did make the mistake of taking it at night time cause I had missed my lunch pill, even though the bottle say not to..big no no... I was up all night cleaning because I didn't know what to do with all the energy I had. Which reminds me... I am a person that takes a nap daily... Not on these bad boys..I can try to nap but I won't be able to close my eyes. Great 💊

  • SkyCaptain - Best supplement EVER

    As an elite endurance athlete and nutrition freak, I've tried way too many supplements and wasted far too much money.

  • Marcel McCarve - Reading Bargain

    My son adores this book and anything that gets him reading earns a thumbs up from me! Bonus: the price on Amazon is almost 50% less than what they were selling it for at his school book fair. Go figure.

  • Elizabeth - I'm not sure about it

    I'm not sure abou this product. I was dieting and working out, and I'm not sure if that stopped my cellulite or this cream.