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  • SherrieM - RELIEF AT LAST!!!!!

    Here I am - 30 days into my first Amberen regimen - and for the first time in years, life is really good. I was skeptical but hopeful going into this - having tried other remedies/treatments. My doctor talked me into going off HRT 2 years ago when I was still perimenopausal. OMG. I thought I was miserable then, but when I actually stopped having periods 18 months ago the symtoms really ramped up. I would have 10-15 hot flashes every day (and more at night), insomnia, vaginal dryness, lack of libido, in addition to an appetite I couldn't begin to control. I gained 20 pounds the first year after I stopped menstruating. My doctor gave me a list of supplements that "might" help. I went with a black cohosh product first because it was cheaper - no results after 90 days. Amberen was on the list with a totally different set of ingredients, so I gave it a shot. I took the single dose for 14 days (per instructions) and got some relief, but not enough to make me sure I wouldn't return the next 2 months worth. Then I doubled up as instructed and WOW! Almost immediately, my symptoms were gone. I still can sort of tell when I am "flashing", but no shedding of clothes or dripping sweat. I can sleep at night. The vaginal dryness is gone, as is the lack of libido. I have more energy and my husband says he feels like his wife is back - he claims I had some serious mood issues, but I didn't really think so. Huge plus - no more irresistible cravings! I have lost 4 pounds in the first 30 days without really trying. Why not 5 Stars? The expense. I'm taking the double dose, so we are talking almost $100 per month for the 3 month regimen. At this point, both my husband and I think it's worth it. I would definitely recommend giving Amberen a try.

  • Beautiful - I love it BUT WHY SO EXPENSIVE WHEN I CAN BUY ...


  • Susan - Love Love Love.

    I have been wanting these so bad. I was finally given the chance to get them. I ABSOLUTELY love them. They have the best sound quality I have ever heard. I love that unlike the sport kind the buttons are bigger and a lot easier to use since you can't see it and have to rely on touch. They can get super loud and still do not sound like old busted speakers. The voice quality when making calls is clear and it doesn't sound like I am talking in a barrel so my test caller told me. The distance from device is better than most also. I'm able to get a good 30 feet from my devise before it alerts that it has disconnected. I like that the set fits under my shirt and no one can even tell I have it on. I did get this item for free for my honest review.

  • Scandalista - Love conquers all.

    "Tempted" is such a great story of love and loss. The characters worked very well together and it made the love scenes that much more enjoyable. I hope Mrs Winters give us another book that will have Liam's brother or cousin hooking up with Elizabeth's friend. I can see them playing with flour, strawberries and chocolate in her bakery. (Hint Hint). Overall great read and you will be swept up in pages of how two people with one thing in common falling in love.

  • Jennifer Schupp - great!

    I bought this camera for my son for his birthday and he is going to love it! I took it out and charged it, and then played with it a little, shhhh don't tell him..haha! I really enjoyed using it and may need to get one for myself. It doesn't come with a memory card, so make sure you get one when ordering this camera. It charged nice and easy, and pretty quickly. This is a really great camera for the price. This product came nicely packaged and it came in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Ken Michael - Be Carefull

    As an IT Coordinator and Network Administrator, I feel that I should at least put some kind of warning out about McAfee and Norton. For over a decade, most new computers from companies such as Dell, Gateway, HP, and many other brands have been issued with some form of McAfee or Norton on them. Those of us who have bought these computers in bulk for companies, schools, libraries, corporations, etc., we immediately either remove those and install a better solution or we make a new image and install our own favorite brands. I will say that some protection is better than none. That being said, why would you use a program that will continually pop-up adds, renewal notices, upgrade reminders to such a point as they become worse than the problem they are suppose to protect you from? Many people have dubbed McAfee and Norton as the original malware as they have been doing this practice for years. I am not going to persuade you to buy one company over another. All I ask is that you do your homework and shop around. Just because they come on your new computer does not mean they are the best company to go with. I have used Symantic's solution to get rid of some trojans such as the FBI virus but I will not condone some of the practices they employ to force you to buy their software. It is hard to ignore that some of the other old favorites such as AVG and Avast have started doing some of the same tactics on their free versions as well. I guess if it works for McAfee and Norton, why shouldn't they cash in as well? Just my two cents. Take it as you will.

  • Dragonlady - VERY Strong Tasting Oil

    I tried this product as I have had good results with other doTERRA products. The taste of Slim & Sassy Oil is VERY strong and the Peppermint is nearly overpowering to the other ingredients. I could not tolerate it in water or tea and ended up putting it a strawberry and banana smoothie. The taste was still strong but at least I could get it down. I used the product for 2 weeks and did not notice a significant difference in my appetite, energy level or anything else. Perhaps 2 weeks isn't long enough to see a change. IN any case, the taste is too strong for me to be tolerable, so for anyone who doesn't like or can't have peppermint, I would not recommend this oil.