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  • Marilyn F. Fitzgerald - Diamondback 2012 Viper X BMX Bike

    This was a birthday gift for our grandson. He loves the bike and it is the bike he wanted. He is 9 years old.

  • Amazon Customer - It works!

    17 pounds in 20 days!!! This is not a gimmicky, nasty tasting shake--you'll be peasantly surprised at how good the powder smells as soon as you open the package. I hit upon the perfect shake after just a few experiments-- (I wasn't too thrilled with the mix-in packets--too artificial tasting)2 scoops of mix, 14 oz nonfat milk, and a scant tablespoon of unsweetened 100% cocoa powder, and you are in Chocolate heaven! Two of these shakes a day, two fruit snacks, and a sensible, low carb dinner have produced amazing results. As a type 2 diabetic, I have seen my glucose levels plummet to near normal, and I have energy and an incredible sense of well being (must be all that chocolate!)

  • Mother and Business Owner - Great teaching tool

    This clock is adorable and although it still hasn't fully "clicked" for my 3 yr old, it's still been a great purchase. Having the buttons on the front isn't an ideal design, but reading some reviews before we purchased I put a long piece of white tape over the buttons before my son ever saw them and he hasn't messed with them. He's a pretty active, exploring type boy even and hasn't bothered to see what's under there (I used some sort of white bandage tape and it blends pretty well).

  • chris A - suddenly blotchy

    I have had a problem with products and my sensitive skin before but this was the worst! If you consider your skin sensitive I would avoid this product.

  • acerf - Incomparable

    Mario Batali, famed chef and (groan, if true) taker of tips from wait staff, may have his own line of cookware but uses Le Creuset on various shows - including his own when he had (a show). That should say something.