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  • Dear_Child - Breakdown of Product

    I bought this product 05/17/2016 from my local PetCo. I originally decided to read these reviews to see how frequently to use the product since the bottle itself does not have a recommended use frequency. Since then I noticed several common complaints that I felt should be address in one place. I hope to provide a single review that lays out a reasonably through breakdown of this product for the lazier of us.

  • Sandie - Liam and Elle

    Liam is the bookie with a heart, kind caring and a killer. Elizabeth/Lizzie/Elle is grieving the death of her father. I felt Elle's dad was reaching out from the grave to make sure she was taken care of not just fiancially but in every way by Liam. He knew Liam was a take charge kind of guy and would make sure Elle was looked after. Liam knew Elle and I think fell in love with her from all the stories her dad shared with him. Lots of sex and some mob type violence made this a really hot book. Very well written.

  • It's the blues! - It took me about a week to find my way around the program comfortably. I had my accountant set up all the ...

    Purchased this to use for my business. I had never used QuickBooks before, and only have a limited understanding of accounting (only what I can remember from college accounting classes). I'm a fast learner with most computer programs, and most things in general. It took me about a week to find my way around the program comfortably. I had my accountant set up all the basic accounts and things for me, and just imported what they did, and started from there. So that helped a lot.

  • Amazon Customer - Hey it works just like you think it does

    Hey it works just like you think it does. Ball was getting stuck inside at the beginning but I relised that it was my fault. Once a ball gets thrown the back led goes red. Gotta wait like the 2sec to turn green. I was trying to Gatling gun the balls towards my dog. Once turns green it's ready to fire. I like the random speed selection it has too. Keeps my dog guessing.