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  • Celeste - Great tasting protein powder and tons of energy, too!!

    My best friend turned me on to the Body Fortress Energy Protein powder and I LOVE it!!! She adds not quite a scoop of powder to her coffee. I add a whole scoop to mine. Be advised that it's not a good idea to add the whole scoop at one time if you're using coffee because there'll be lumps-YUCK. Add a little at time while stirring. I'm going to try it by using milk, too in my Ninja blender. That will ensure that there's no lumps. The energy that I receive from this product is truly amazing!!! I don't think that I'll need to use two scoops, unless it's before a workout

  • James P. Menghi - Great, Easy install, flawless

    These crossbars installed easily. I lacked a torc wrench, but found a knowledgeable person who helped finish the installation. The worked flawlessly on a long trip, at very high speeds with cross winds.

  • Carla K - Streaky, Streaky, Streaky

    I have mostly hard wood floors in the house, and with the snow, we have been tracking in a bit more dirt and mud.....I used Steam and Sweep for the first time, and it left alot of dirt on the floor and horrible steaks. Very dissapointing... Not willing to give up, I used the Steam and Sweep again today, this time, being sure to go over small areas of the floor with the steam on continually, doing many passes over a small area. It still left alot of dirt on the floor and streaks. I then used my swiffer dry with a dry rag on it to dry the floor afterward, thus picking up the dirty water left behind. This worked. I have been bucket and rag cleaning the floors and using the Steam and Sweep sure beats the "hand n' knees" routine, but I am not sure how much time I am saving.... Midway throughout the floor cleaning, I also changed the microfiber pad so I would not be squirting dirty steam back on the floor and then rubbing it around with the dirty pad, this also seemed to help...I hope as my floors get cleaner there'll be less streaking...

  • Old NY Guy - Works with Nitecore 18650 Battery, but is quirky with Orbtronic

    Works fine with Nitecore 18650 2600mAh Protected Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, but not with Orbtronic 18650 3400mAh Protected Battery. As power drains, the flashlight behavior with the Orbtronic was quirky. It would shut off and/or reduce intensity well before the battery was drained. Even though the Nitecore has a lower power profile, the Fenix PD32 operates normally for at least twice the time with it than with the Orbtronic. The light intensity "downshift" seems to occur at about 80% of the usable time period. I have several Orbtronic and Nitecore batteries; the difference in behavior seems to be brand related.

  • Amazon Customer - I spent a good week trying to install

    I spent a good week trying to install. In the end it was faulty and couldn't run the CPU. RMA'd it for an ASUS motherboard. Installed new motherboard and it worked right instantly. Amazon = great service. This product = faulty.

  • Satisfied - This year it was beautiful as always

    It's our annual gift to our granddaughter. This year it was beautiful as always. Service is always great as well.