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  • Tour Guy 74 - Great product and I'm very happy with it.

    I spent a lot of time reading reviews before I settled on this product and I decided to spend a month with the product before I wrote this review. First off this is a great headset and I am very happy with it. It has lived up to all of the claims as far as working in noisy environments. I have used it in high wind, near loud vehicles and even surrounded by 40 wild 8th graders and the sound quality is great. If your phone rings and you pick up the ear piece and put it into place it answers the call. If you are wearing the ear piece and a call comes in it tells you who is calling and gives you the options of taking or rejecting the call. I saw several people make complaints about the ear piece not fitting well when they were wearing glasses. I wear glasses all of the time and I have had no problem whatsoever with the fit. I found several reviews complaining about the charging cable. I will agree that the cable could be a little longer but I LOVE the magnetic attaching system. Instead of fumbling with a micro USB cable trying to get it to fit you just touch the ear pieces to the cable and snap, it is charging. When the blue light starts to blink it is charging and when it stops it is done. As far as linking it to a device, I have a Galaxy S3 and it took all of twenty seconds to pair the two units. It took much longer with the iPad 2 but that is just because the IOS operating system is so much more difficult to use than Android. Plantronics said that the unit can be paired to two devices at once and they were telling the truth. I was on the phone setting up a video chat on the iPad. I terminated the phone call, turned my head to look at the video feed and was instantly connected to the audio from the feed. This is a great product and it does just what Plantronics claims that it does.

  • savyon941 - Go for the Time Out series.

    Compared to the Time Out series, the organization of this book makes it much harder to use. Time Out is more focused on the type of thing you're looking for. This book organizes by neighborhood. It seems to go on the premise that should you want a certain kind of food, you won't go from say, Admiralty to Central, for it. Lots of page turning, back and forth.

  • Not Happy in Seattle - Up grade not worth a star

    I up graded to the full version for the continuous back up feature and purchased a 3 user package. What I found is that it would not work when I received it. The computers kept freezing up. Wasted a lot of time trying to get them to work. Put in a complaint got no response. Then the new version came out and I immediately up dated to the new version. Out of 3 computers I have only one that the continuous feature seems to be works on. The other two computers get an error message of "The backup was stopped" and I cannot get them to start again rendering the backs up useless. I have tried to create a new back up with the same results several times.