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    I am a 20 year old female and this was absolutely the biggest disappointment for me. I always ate healthy and exercised daily before trying this product. I followed the guidelines step by step and gained weight and inches on this challenge. I felt terrible, my face severely broke out and waking up with a headache was the normal for me during these 24 days. This product is great for someone who never ate healthy before and doesn't know the true meaning of a "balanced diet". The vitamins are full of chemicals and caffeine and I couldn't pronounce half off the ingredients in any of the products. I really do not recommend this product to anyone who is healthy and wants to just lose a few pounds. Get a nutritionist and a personal trainer and live life the healthy way not the toxic way.

  • Charles Bush - I'm rather blown away by the incredible power and depth of this software

    I bought the boxed version of this software. That was in case I wanted to return it, but after three weeks of use, to take it away from me, you'd have to tear it away from my cold dead hands. Having worked with lesser, midi packages over the years, I was skeptical. . .but soon discovered that this package is like having an entire symphony orchestra on my computer, ready to try any idea I have without complaint or snickers, if I write something corny or dissonant.

  • Andy Jackson - JOPA pulled its link

    It is sad that the JOPA page pulled its book review of this tome. If anybody has insight on why that happened it would be interesting reading.

  • MANU Sharma - Cheap plastic parts used. Started coming apart. Do not buy.

    The build quality is horrible. Cheap plastics are used. Parts started coming apart after 10 minutes of initial used. Returned after using it for 1 day. I will not recommend anyone to buy.