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  • Lydia Stone - Do not waste your money!

    Terrible product. Way to expensive for a cream that doesn't work! Brand Partners promote it to boost their income. False advertising! Please buy any other wrinkle cream, or see what your dermatologist recommends.

  • Tammy Evans - Seems to help a good bit for 2 hours using a small sample size sample packet

    I received a free sample of this to try from Pinchme. I had some difficulty opening the sample packet but that wouldn't be a issue with a full size tube of it. My son applied it to my shoulder joint, shoulder blade & upper arm near the shoulder joint. I havea lot of pain from bursitis in this shoulder. It does have a very mild smell that isn't bad but not like citrus to me as other reviewers have posted. It took about 15 minutes & started to relieving the pain. It seemed to take away a good bit of pain in my shoulder for about 2 hours. Slowly, the pain has returned. Maybe it is because of the small size of the sample (although it did spread to cover the area) that it didn't help as much as others have reported. I have a high pain tolerance level but it also takes something pretty strong to help my pain. I have been using a combination of a generic aspercreme & generic gel muscle run mixed to help the pain. This Livrelief seems to help much better but it just didn't last long. I plan to purchase a full size tube & try it again using a proper size amount. I only received 1 sample packet where some people said they received 2. It has a money back guarantee so if it doesn't help a lot I won't be loosing anything.

  • Amazon Customer - Four Stars

    Its ok but middle mouse button breaks easily everything else is wonderful for people with big hands like myself.

  • Steven M - I thought it was suppose to be more than just misleadingTrump bashing

    The book is filled with half truths and outright lies. He claims in the book that Trump requested that the Russian's hack Hillary's server; Trump actually said that if the Russian's had Hillary's deleted emails that they should turn them over to the FBI. I watched him say it. The emails were already off-line and the emails had already been deleted. This is just one example. There are many other examples. The book is a transparent hit job.

  • Karwyn - Steamy Dragon Love Story

    First I want to say I want more of this world Ruby Lionsdrake created, as the end of this book left room for more stories. Second, I adored that the female lead was a woman, mature and a leader of her people. Third the 'dragon' was alpha and vulnerable at the same time as he was in human form. So great characters exploration.