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  • dobo97 - Going back to Miracle

    I have been satisfied with other Philosophy products and had high expectations for this moisturizer but I've been really disappointed. The smell is super strong so much so that last night my eyes watered for 10 minutes after using it. It does not blend in well - in some areas it seems to sit on top of my skin while others it soaks in appropriately. "Miracle" product is so much better and felt luxurious - this feels likes whipped margarine. An expensive mistake I will not make again.

  • Mr.D. - I bought this product about a year ago and finally ...

    I bought this product about a year ago and finally got to apply it. There was no mention of a hose to load the mixture into the sprayhead so I had to use a soda straw cut on a bias, applied to the small inlet boss on the underside of the spray head.. The seed would settle out on the bottom and there was insufficient suction to draw it into the spray head within a minute. This is a product that has a promising concept which it, unfortunately, doesn't fulfill.

  • J. Fox - Protection is almost too good

    Upon installing this on my wife's computer, I found that some websites do not work well with Internet Explorer that worked fine with our previous AV, Kaspersky. Some of them refused to respond at all and Norton gave me no notice of what to do about it. After consulting with fellow computer nerds, I switched her browser to Firefox and was able to make everything work as before.