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  • Alison Kay Barker Bennett - Earthing speaks to my soul...

    This book teaches what I have always instinctively known - that Earth is my life source and I am calmer, happier, heathier when I am connected to Earth. I feel especially peaceful when I am in contact with my own little bit of Earth in my gardens. This book verifies and validates something that so many have lost or never had... Earthing.

  • Terry W. Jordan - Vague instructions, hard to understand

    I've been playing the guitar and singing in working bands for over 40 years but never learned to play lead guitar (someone else always did that). So I figured if there is something this inexpensive out there that can help me improve my playing, I owe it to myself to try it. Let me re-emphasize, I am ALREADY a decent guitar player with a good knowledge of chords, progressions, notes, etc. and this program is difficult for me to comprehend. There are numerous instances where you cannot really understand what you are supposed to do, and I'm not calling support every time I try to use the program, ya know? I haven't given up on it quite yet, but it's no longer a priority for me.

  • molico - it gives a lot of good information but there's also a great deal of

    Well, it gives a lot of good information but there's also a great deal of, how can I say it..."exaggeration"-- in my opinion-- of what minerals can and can't do for you. My husband got the book (I gave it to him???) and went crazy with minerals, still taking 50 different bottles of pills a month plus mineral water etc. so be careful to whom you give this book to, make sure the person has a sound mind and can discard the "exaggerations" in the book. I recommend with reservations.

  • budd - the picture is awesome, however it was thought that the 'curved' TV ...

    haa hope alls well. the picture is awesome, however it was thought that the 'curved' TV would show the picture 'great' from All angles. My mistake. the only way you see an awesome picture is directly in front of the TV, oomph!

  • David - One Star

    Not meant for sensitive skin, leaves bumps and redness. Also, shipping to the U.S. took a very long time.

  • Brookley - This product seems to be fine. Let me just say that

    This product seems to be fine. Let me just say that. BUT it is in a glass jar, so it isn't easy to ship, apparently. Mine came in a huge box with cold packs and tons of padding. It was ridiculous. What a total waste of ... "stuff" ... just to ship a little jar of vitamins. Buy them at the store. Or contact the seller and ask them how the item will be shipped. Mine was total over-kill.

  • wolvern - Gasket sealer

    I bought it for my bushings in the front suspension of my explorer since they don't have grease fittings anymore. I used it one time and no more squeaks when i have to go through a dip in the road. I love to hear nothing anymore, the constant squeaks evrytime i hit a bump was driving me crazy, not any more.