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  • Abdulrahman Hussein - Good Product

    It does not have a strong smell,and the consistency of this is water. It goes on so smooth. it does feel softening to the skin. It doesn't burn when applied, which is good but has me wondering how effective it is.

  • Shine - Be careful

    Oh. My. God. These blades are viciously and dangerously flesh-slicingly sharp. I really hope Amazon posts this review so that my duty will be done and someone's fingers and hands will be saved from a certain horrible wound. I made the grave mistake of reaching my hand around the double row of swords lined on the center column and ended up with a profusely bleeding 1.5 inch slice on my thumb and a stabbing into my palm. This center column will easily fall out of the blender when tipped to the side so PLEASE watch your feet because they will sustain multiple gaping cuts if this center piece happens to fall on them. No amount of warning in the box can prepare you for this danger. As far as the quality of the blender, it's ok. It's plastic. I haven't had it very long but it blended a kale, frozen blueberry, blackberry, raw carrot, banana, oats, flaxseed, almond milk smoothie decently. The kale at the very top of top of the blender needed coaxing down, which was annoying considering this thing has so many bloody daggers running up and down the center. It blended the concoction to a drinkable consistency although the blackberry and flaxseeds were still evident and chewable. You will need to blend on high for a good minute or so in order to thoroughly pulverize raw kale. There is my review. Although my main concern was the protection of your hands and fingers. Good day.

  • Authenticated Amazon User - Very good even if it doesn't go the extra mile.

    This is a very good monitor. If you don't have any special requirements or you don't want every feature under the sun just to have it, then this should be a good purchase. I already ordered a second after a few days with the first.

  • The Honest Optimist - ... used this product now for several years and absolutely love it. A few years back I made a ...

    I have used this product now for several years and absolutely love it. A few years back I made a trip to the dermatologist who informed me that really all people (but especially those with olive skin like me) should be wearing SPF 30 sunscreen every day, a hat, and sunglasses every time they go out in the sun. Well I couldn't commit to wearing a hat and sunglasses for the rest of my life as I am not a private detective and don't own that many cute hats anyway, but I could commit to upping my sunscreen. I had previously used a few products with 15 SPF or similar ranges, but he insisted that 30 SPF was where it's at. He said that over 30 SPF and you aren't really blocking anything extra, just throwing more on to make yourself feel better, but under 30 SPF you are still getting some harmful rays coming through. So I set off in search of a "regular" moisturizer that would not feel, smell, or look like sunscreen when it went on. After some research, I narrowed it down to Neutrogena and Aveeno. I tried both as well as a few others. The others felt like sunscreen as in the smelly, strong, burning stuff you thrown on your kids when you are spending all day at the Water Park. No way that was going to work for me every day. Then I tried the Neutrogena. It was okay . . . slightly better than the regular sunscreen but it still had that tangy smell to me and still burned slightly when I put it on. Finally I got to the Aveeno brand and was, frankly, delighted to find that it felt, smelled, and looked just like REGULAR moisturizer but with the added benefit of having a 30 SPF rating. I have now used it for 4 or 5 years. I put it on every morning before I put my make-up on. It smells like nothing, it is lightweight (not greasy), and when I smear it all over my face during a dry-skin episode it STILL doesn't feel greasy. In addition, I can testify to the strength of the SPF because there have been many occasions when I have been out with family and friends and it unexpectedly gets very sunny and/or we are stuck somewhere in the sun for much longer than we expected and while they come home with red noses and cheery cheeks, without even a second thought, I had protective on my skin all day such that I only have the lightest tan. Sunscreen has never been so painless!