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  • R. Bohannon - Magic Jack Plus really sux!

    I bought a 5 year plan. The call quality started ok, then went downhill. The worst part is that they CHARGE YOU additional fees for making 800# call, calling a conference call in center, and even calling customer support numbers that are neither. They state you can call any US number unlimited. That is simply not true. You cannot call any number that charges them any fee and not part of the IPEC, whatever that is. There is no way to know who you can call. I understand not being able to call 900 numbers and the like, but you can't even call GoDaddy support nor a simple dial in conference number. They need to come clean and clearly mark that there are some numbers you cannot call that may be part of a normal course of business. On top, their customer support was horrid. The new magic jack plus DOES NOT feature many things offered in the past like call forwarding, blocking, etc. None of those features are now offered. Save your money. Buy something else. I am firing "Magic Jack"...that dog doesn't hunt!

  • Alexander K. - This worked pretty well on really significant pain following knee surgery and ...

    This worked pretty well on really significant pain following knee surgery and enabled me to use fewer opiates, so that's really pretty big. Maybe I should give it 4 stars. Anyway, I anticipate it working really well on general, lesser aches and pains. For that price I really my money's worth.

  • F. Donald - NOT RECOMMEND

    Roxio has once again failed to provide the user with a selective installer (i.e., install and removal is all or nothing), gives no consideration to the size of the installation (e.g., conscious software vendors are responsive to SSDs and user needs), and no user input as to which third party applications, services and startups are installed/enabled. Conversely, the software does not properly remove registry entries, files and folders when uninstalled.