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  • Beth Gierada - Consumernator Trap

    We have not caught a single squirrel. Have followed the instructors, tried several different types of bait and no squirrels. They get to the food but not from inside this trap. My garage is still full of squirrels and I have an empty trap. I do not recommend this trap.

  • Amanda Townsend - Awesome!

    Love the song and the artist! The sound quality was great sounds perfect on small or large systems couldn't be happier!

  • Jennifer - Great For Pre-Existing Stretch Marks!

    I really can't say praise this product enough! I am highly susceptible to stretch marks. I knew this before I got pregnant because I already had them on my stomach, arms, and legs. I had gained weight steadily (despite diet and excercise, but that's beside the point) and stretch marks developed as a result. I wouldn't even consider myself far or obese and since it wasn't sudden, I realized that my skin type was just more prone to getting them. Other family members have the same problem so I just accepted it as my lot in life. When I got pregnant, I figured I couldn't avoid getting more, but still wanted to research lotions or oils that helped prevent them. I came across this product and purchased it at CVS since I don't necessarily trust these kinds of products ordered offline. I started using it regularly starting at about 18 weeks (23 weeks at the time of this review) and have been very surprised! I have used it primarily on my belly where my stretch marks are the worst and I haven't developed any new stretch marks and the pre existing stretch marks have faded significantly. I was skeptical to see results but I am and I'm very happy about it! I'm also happy about the fact that it's an oil and not a lotion! Lotions make me feel greasy for hours after application, but the oil absorbs quickly and doesn't make me feel gross! Please give this product a try even if you have a skin type like mine and are susceptible the stretch marks!

  • Amazon Customer - Fast virus check!

    This is my second year of using Webroot and being able to secure three computers, as well as two smartphones is an added bonus!

  • NewOrleansJack - Barack Obama Games America Using Racism As His Foil

    Stunningly insightful how Director D'Souza was able to present a vivid picture of President Obama's gaming of America to become the 44th president of the United States.

  • TSmith - Don't waste your money on this game.

    Got the demo and played it, it was just enough to get me excited about the game so I purchased it via DirectToDrive - Fileplanet. I've been a long time member of both.