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    City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • graphik_persona - Garbage-

    Complete garbage. Install: Okay. Run: Not-at-all. Since I installed it (a month agao), the damn thing every time says: Bitdefender Services are not responding. Contacted Bitdefender-- no response. Don't even bother.

  • Money Penny - I LOVE THIS STUFF

    I LOVE THIS STUFF! it smells so good, has a great texture, isn't too rough where it hurts your skin and well worth the price!

  • Nancy - No Bitter or Burnt Aftertaste

    Thinking that this was a marketing ploy for average coffee, I was surprised when I had my first cup and realized that it was quite good. Not as strong as I usually enjoy with an Italian Roast, but a good second or third cup of the day strength without a bitter or burnt aftertaste.

  • BuzzP - Be Careful--Disaster Awaits

    I don't usually write reviews unless I feel a product is exceptional or a disaster. My experience with Quicken 2014 Deluxe is an absolute disaster. The second time I opened the program to add simple manual transactions, it crashed and ruined my data file and the backup file. I upgraded from 2010 where I had no problems at all. I do not recommend this program in any way shape or form.

  • Amazon Customer - Like the various settings!

    Gave this Coffee Grinder to my wife for Christmas along with a Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Needed a coffee grinder that would produce "coarse" grinds, and this one fits the bill. Like all the various settings and it does exactly what we want it to.