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  • Kryptonite - Did Increase Energy

    Due to age and the impact of some physical injuries I found myself in a state of not having the energy to do much of anything. I saw Cell Food in a store and bought a bottle. I then researched the product and the vendor claims seemed so scientifically bogus I was going to throw away the bottle I bought. Then I thought -- I paid for it, why not try it. For the first two days it seemed to give me a headache. Then I did started to feel like I was becoming a little more energetic. Not hyper like taking a stimulant - more like improved focus and not feeling worn out. Still being skeptical of the junk science claims I asked my wife to start taking Cell Food and she reported a noticeable physical improvement. I would like to know what is in this stuff and how it really works. Clearly we take O2 into our cells via respiration so I don't buy the increasing O2 via something one drinks claim. Cell Food has a definite taste so there is something in it. It is not just water. I do plan to keep taking it.

  • Mina - Not for long hair, it may get caught

    I have long hair and it got caught in it. I do not recommend this for hair longer than shoulder. I wanted it because it looked convenient and it is not. Also the curl I got was wavy at best. I recommend a wand for long hair.

  • R. Ball - HookBooks 2016

    QuickBooks has a monopoly on small business software that links to online banking. Not only do I have to pay a monthly fee to my bank to download transactions, every few years, I'm forced to upgrade to their latest version which typically just has some minor changes. I have QuickBooks 2014 and now Intuit says that it's not compatible to Windows 10. Of course, they want to force us to upgrade to QuickBooks 2016. Outrageous! For me, Intuit is really good at finding ways to alienate customers and create buyer resentment. They don't seem to understand that it's all about building positive long-term customer relationships. They need some real competition.