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  • C. Robinson - The perfect sequel to Atlas Shrugged

    Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead starts with the words, "Howard Roark laughed." Her Atlas Shrugged began with "Who is John Galt?" This, Rand's long lost novel, begins with the auspicious "10097". From this, she quickly moves into her main point: the struggle of evens versus odds, primes versus non-primes, light against darkness, and most importantly A versus non-A. As you read this book, you will find yourself immersed in a realm of pure abstraction, as you witness the struggle of the good (which I suspect are the evens, but maybe I'm wrong) against evil. You will watch the "prime" movers change the course of destiny. If you loved when Howard Roark was on the elevator of his building with Dominique in the Fountainhead; if you loved when John Galt made the sign of the dollar in Atlas Shrugged, then you will love when . . . no, I can't ruin this for you. Bravo Rand.

  • Aaron - good game

    very fun game and cool graphics and also very very very very very addictive guns are awesome way better then hunter reloaded