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  • Gregory Howell - Another one

    I've followed Finalmouse from the beginning. Back in their days of the pre 2015 Summer Edition (Classic Ergo) all the way to the Tournament Pro. I've tested and used the Original, Summer Edition 2015, 2016 Classic Ergo, and Tournament Pro. Finalmouse has nailed it with this mouse. Much like that of the Classic Ergo, the Tournament Pro is light weight, raw input tracking, and as solid as can be in regards to performance. NOW, what is exciting about the Tournament Pro is the shape. This mouse contours to my palm perfectly. The sides are slightly easier for me to grip due to the new material coating. Also, the new smooth side buttons feel wonderful.

  • Ashonte - Bravo

    Awesome book i love majesty and royal relationship and the fact he wasn't out her Dogging his queen out was a plus I love the direction you took this book drake destiny was to cute and how you bought my crazy boo Montana aka boonie in the book yass and that ending omg I can't wait for part 2

  • Scott Madison - Crashes more often than a test car dummy.

    I bought this as a less expensive movie editing tool compared to Premier Elements and it has video action stabilization for some shaky vacation videos we took. The user interface is a little tricky to get use to, but once you figure it out, it's ok. There are a lot of great features on this, however it crashes literally every 5 minutes. Save often or face massive frustration of lost work. My advice, spend the extra $20-30 and get Adobe Premier Elements.

  • Sam Helms - Still a great book for a fan

    As a GB fan this was a must have fore I just wished they had some pictures of the monsters and ghosts they mention there's such a rich history they could have drawn from but just feel short. Still a great book for a fan

  • Lisa - Great light in my enerance way!

    Our Front walkway is always so dark and dreary looking as we forget to turn on the outside lights before we leave home. Well that has all changed now that I ordered Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights. There are 6 solar lights in the box. You have to place the stainless post into the lamps before you can place them in your yard. The unit has a rechargeable battery in it that is charged by the sun and the box states that they do not need to be replaced. I love that all you do is assemble and place, as there are no wires or cords to deal with. This way I also do not have to worry about cutting the cords when doing yard work. The 6 lights together give off as much light as my one at the front door and 3 over the garage. No more fumbling to get in the house in the dark or not know what we are tripping over. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the Solar Garden light. Not only do they light up my house but also they offer me security. I would recommend the Garden Solar Lights.

  • Patrika Simmonds - A must buy!!!!

    Let me just say I usually don't write reviews but this is a must. Been using this for a week now and I noticed a difference. And this is a MUST BUY for any women! Whether your trying to keep your hormones balance, have dryness, UTIs, BV or yeast infections this is WELL WORTH you'd money. Please listen to me

  • Nancy Lipscomb - Beautiful Barbie

    We had our Family Christmas tonite as the kids have other families to visit- we do this evey other year- I ordered 3, 2012 Holiday Barbies all the girls ages 5-7-9 were thrilled.They also received other Barbies and accessories- a wonderful Barbie Christmas. A of total seven children ages 14 to 5 opened gifts- I call it Christmas Chaos !!!!!