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  • Life-is-Just - Finally got rid of my 7-month-old zit!

    I don't have horrible acne, but I do get a few stubborn zits every month. Plus, the older I get, the weirder my zits become (lovely image, I know). For example, I've had a small, but persistent zit on my cheek for about 7 months now. The thing just won't go away no matter how much I poke it or cleanse it. This kit FINALLY got rid of it. I waited to try out one of the tools until I got out of the shower so my pores would be nice and open. It was cool how much effort it didn't take. The case is nice, I'd probably lose the tools without it. Definitely worth it.

  • Eric Comer - Awesome CAI

    Roush knows how to make them. Great intake, I notice a significant difference from the stock intake on my 2013 5.0 GT, I would recommend for sure.

  • Amazon Customer - Good alternative to swallowing pills

    I received one packet of this product as a free sample. It is a good alternative for women who can't or hate swallowing big pills. I can't tell you if this works for reproduction or not since I only sampled it once, but I do recommend it if you want a supplement but can't stand taking pills.

  • J. Marsh - Nice display!!!

    I'm quite impressed with these monitors. The bezel on the top, left, and right edges is very thin, making for an excellent multi-monitor setup. The brightness and color are nice, as well. Since I'm using these for a home office setup, I have no idea about their performance for gaming. Perhaps someone else can comment on that use case. These monitors are pretty thin and lightweight, and the power brick? Wow! These consume so little power that their power brick is super small.It's smaller than a pack of cards, which is a welcome change. Could they have integrated the power supply into the monitor? Sure, but having it separate does aid the user in determining what has gone wrong if the monitor suddenly stops working. Whether power supply replacements will be available after the warranty period is another question, but if you're like me, you've got a drawer full of power supplies with the same voltage, same barrel connector, and same or greater current capacity, so finding a replacement, even for testing, is just an exercise in rummaging through the spares bin.

  • Shalynn - this weight loss pill helps control your appietite when also ...

    this weight loss pill helps control your appietite when also dieting and when you exercise at least 30 mins a day

  • kynkass123 - huge and beautiful unicorn float i can't wait to use it in ...

    huge and beautiful unicorn float i can't wait to use it in my vacation!!!! Lovely color combinations.The quality is great.I love this product so much.I highly recommend this product.I got this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.