Patient Site | Eligen B12™ (cyanocobalamin/SNAC) tablets - Learn about a prescription-strength oral B12. Read about how Eligen B12™ is different, download the doctor discussion guide, and access savings.

  • HCP Site | Eligen B12™ (cyanocobalamin/SNAC) tablets - Learn about a new oral technology for normalizing B12 levels. Eligen B12™ is a once-daily tablet that utilizes the Eligen absorption-enhancing technology
  • Patient Sign Up | Eligen B12™ (cyanocobalamin/SNAC) tablets - B12 deficient patients can register to receive news and other useful information about Eligen B12™.
  • Importance of B12 | Eligen B12™ (cyanocobalamin/SNAC) tablets - Learn why testing for B12 deficiency is important. Learn about conditions associated with low B12 levels and when to ask your doctor about B12 testing.
  • The Difference | Eligen B12™ (cyanocobalamin/SNAC) tablets - Learn how Eligen B12™ differs from other oral B12 therapies. Eligen B12™ utilizes a special technology to aide in vitamin B12 absorption.
  • Dosing | Eligen B12™ (cyanocobalamin/SNAC) tablets - Learn about once-daily dosing guidelines for Eligen B12™. Talk to your doctor about managing your B12 deficiency and if Eligen B12™ may be right for you.
  • Dr. Discussion | Eligen B12™ (cyanocobalamin/SNAC) tablets - Download the doctor discussion guide for Eligen B12™. Talk to your doctor about B12 deficiency, B12 testing, and if Eligen B12™ is right for you.

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