Encompass Healthcare - Dr. Bruce Ruben | Encompass Healthcare – Dr. Bruce Ruben - Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine is an outpatient facility in Michigan delivering hospital-level wound care without the risks of going to a hospital.

  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/ Advanced Wound Care Treatment Center - The latest in advanced outpatient wound care treatment in Metro Detroit -- IV antibiotics, hyperbaric & traditional Chinese medicine. Call 248-624-9800
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/open-wound-types/ Encompass HealthCare Heals All Open Wound Types & More - We treat many¬†open wound types at Encompass Healthcare, including diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds and more at our outpatient treatment center.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/wound-debridement/ Wound Debridement & Advanced Burn Care | West Bloomfield, Michigan - At Encompass Healthcare, our expert medical staff uses a variety of methods to aid with wound debridement and burn care treatment in our Michigan office.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/compression-therapies/ Lymphatic Compression Therapies in Oakland County, Michigan - Encompass HealthCare offers the best lymphatic compression therapies in Michigan. Our team uses compression to treat a variety of lymphatic disorders.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/stem-cells-grafts-flaps/ Michigan Stem Cell Therapy & Skin Graft Treatment Center - Encompass Healthcare is the leading stem cell therapy & skin graft treatment center in Michigan. Our expert medical staff can help you begin healing.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/home/nutrition-2-2/ Nutrition & Diet Information for Improved Wound Healing & Care - A healthy diet is one of the best tools to help wounds heal faster. Read about how proper nutrition & diet can improve your wound care process.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/home/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/ Outpatient Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Wound Care in Michigan - Encompass Healthcare specializes in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and is a Michigan outpatient treatment and wound care center that heals infections and wounds.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/home/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy-at-encompass-healthcare/ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Available At Encompass HealthCare|MI - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is available inside of Encompass HealthCare's West Bloomfield, Michigan office. Comfortable and convenient in office treatment.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/home/iv-therapies/ IV Therapies & Infectious Diseases| Wound Care|Bruce Ruben, M.D. - Encompass HealthCare has flexible times for IV therapies 7 days a week, treating all infectious diseases. Easy accessible, Metro Detroit. 248-624-9800.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/home/iv-therapies/iv-and-infusion-therapies-available-at-encompass-healthcare/ IV and Infusion Therapies at Encompass HealthCare - Get the latest IV and infusion therapies available today at Encompass HealthCare.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/home/about-encompass-healthcare/ About Encompass Healthcare | Outpatient Wound Center in Michigan - Learn about Encompass Healthcare, a top, outpatient infection & wound care center in West Bloomfield, Michigan with success for 99% of its patients.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/encompass-healthcare-blog/ Dr. Bruce Ruben| Encompass HealthCare Blog - Read about life on the front lines of wound care in these blog posts from Encompass HealthCare. Reflections on the triumphs and challenges in wound care.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/home/videos/ Encompass HealthCare Wound Care Videos and Testimonials - Watch videos of Encompass HealthCare patient testimonials, wound care procedures and reflections from Dr. Bruce Ruben. Call 248-624-9800 today!
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/open-wound-types/diabetic-foot-ulcers/ Diabetic Foot Ulcers | Encompass HealthCare | 48323 | Dr. Bruce Ruben - We treat diabetic foot ulcers using the best medicines and technologies including hyperbaric oxygen, IV antibiotics & new wound care products. 248-624-9800
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/pressure-ulcer-treatment-at-encompass/ Pressure Ulcer | Pressure Sore| Encompass HealthCare| 48323 - Pressure ulcer treatment (pressure sore) is successfully treated at Encompass HealthCare and Wound Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/open-wound-types/leg-and-ankle-ulcers-2/ Leg and Ankle Ulcers | Encompass Healthcare | West Bloomfield - Leg and ankle ulcers (sometimes called venous stasis ulcers) can result from poor circulation. We treat & cure these ulcers in our outpatient wound center.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/open-wound-types/surgical-wounds/ Surgical Wounds | Encompass HealthCare | Wound Care in West Bloomfield - Surgical wounds can result from post-surgery infections located at the incision site on down to the bone or around implanted hardware. We treat all wounds.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/open-wound-types/radiation-tissue-damage-2/ Radiation tissue damage | Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy | Wound Care - For patients suffering radiation tissue damage from cancer treatments, we offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy in our comfortable outpatient wound care facility.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/venous-insufficiency/ Venous Insufficiency | Encompass HealthCare - Venous Insufficiency is a condition we treat where the veins inside the legs have lost their ability to move blood back up to the heart. 248-624-9800
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/venous-ablation/ Venous Ablation - Venous ablation is the surgical procedure of shutting down one poorly performing vein in the leg in order to improve circulation in healthier leg veins.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/compression-therapies/pneumatic-compression-pumps/ Venopneumatic Compression Pumps | Encompass HealthCare | 48323 - Compression pumps automatically inflate and deflate to move fluid up from the lower extremities when the valves inside blood vessels are impaired.
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/wound-debridement/autolytic-debridement/ Autolytic Debridement for Wounds at Encompass HealthCare - Autolytic debridement is the body's natural ability to get rid of dead tissue using moisture. We enhance the process @ Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine
  • http://encompasshealthcare.com/wound-care-treatment/wound-debridement/ultrasonic-wound-debridement/ Ultrasonic Wound Debridement | Encompass HealthCare | Wound Care - Ultrasonic wound debridement is a safe, fast and effective method used at Encompass HealthCare to prepare a wound bed for healing. Call us at 248-624-9800.

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