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  • ThunderKisss - it's working and will continue buying

    I've purchased this twice for my Mom who has been having problem with her toe nails. Her doctor told her to use tea tree oil and a tea tree nail polish. She wasn't happy with the results she was getting so far so she asked me to look up something online for her. So i got this and on her next monthly appointment her doctor noticed the difference and asked what she was doing to get those results. Now this isn't a cure all or a complete fix but there is improvement for sure! Just keep being consistent and hopefully this works for you too.

  • 2boysandthatsit - Nice Color

    You do have to put a lot of coats on. It turns out to be a pretty green and its so cool in the dark. It glows really bright.

  • Annalise - Love it for a dark bathroom, don't try it in a bedroom!

    Installing one of these transformed my dark bathroom with no windows. Beautiful! Installing it in the dark bedroom was a huge mistake. I keep trying to reach and turn out the light.

  • ḵaashashx̱áaw - Not so good for me

    This product has many wonderful ingredients which is why I purchased it before committing to the yearly continuity program on the manufacturer's website. The texture is grainy and was not smooth when drinking. I don't care for the sweetness from the stevia, so I tried adding milk to it, but the difference was negligible. Thanks,, for allowing me to try this one canister at a time at a discounted price (had I committed to the year-long purchase on the manufacturer's website, the price is about the same as here. But, had I only bought one from that site, the price is much higher with shipping added). I have drank many "green" mixes before and I still am hooked on Shakeology from Team Beach Body (Beachbody, LLC).

  • Ambsies - Case is falling apart

    For the first month I was completely happy with my candyshell case. It was nice looking, it didn't make my phone feel bulkier, it had a nice feel to it. But shortly after that one month window, the rubber around the screen basically started disintegrating. I'm not hard on my phones at all, I don't use lotions or sanitizers on my hands- so I couldn't figure out why the case was basically falling apart. I bought a nicer case, hoping it would last AT LEAST 6 months, but that didn't happen.

  • E. Brookins - Comfortable and portable

    I love these. They are super comfortable and very portable. Not as small as a folding chair but you could sleep in these anywhere. I was thinking I might use them the next time a relative is in the hospital.

  • Sweet hopes - BE AWARE: Amazing Herbs is cheating on the Premium quality (which is the 1 u'll receive, unlike pictured) is poor poor quality!

    Amazing Herbs was making the good black seed oil, talking about the Standard quality, as they started with the Premium quality, they ruined it, it's all different, taste is much lighter, effectiveness is way too poor, I felt so bad about it, I did order from different stores & always received the Premium even if the picture shows the Standard, when I asked I was told amazing Herbs doesn't make the Standard anymore. I had to order from different brands that are more expensive, but I'm sure I get the good stuff.