S&C Electric Company - Especialistas a nivel mundial en servicios y productos de protección e interruptores de electricidad.

  • http://es.sandc.com/solutions/smart-cities.asp Soluciones eléctricas inteligentes para ciudades inteligentes - S&C está incorporando mayor inteligencia a la red para que las ciudades inteligentes mejoren la confiabilidad, recuperación y eficiencia de la energía.
  • http://es.sandc.com/solutions/grid-connectivity.asp Soluciones para la conectividad de redes - La completa cartera de productos y servicios de S&C para sistemas de comunicación es apropiada para una amplia variedad de aplicaciones de redes inteligentes, que incluyen:
  • http://es.sandc.com/products/cypoxy/default.asp Aisladores y componentes Cypoxy™ a la medida - S&C Electric Company es el principal fabricante de componentes epóxicos de alto voltaje de América del Norte. Los diseños probados de S&C han demostrado, mediante exhaustivas pruebas y 25 años de experiencia de campo, que pueden soportar cualquier clima.
  • http://es.sandc.com/products/fusing-outdoor-transmission/smd-power-fuse.asp Fusibles de potencia SMD para subestaciones, transmisión en exteriores - Los fusibles de potencia SMD brindan una protección confiable y económica para transformadores y bancos de condensadores en subestaciones en exteriores de hasta 138 kV.

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  • T. Gross - OK - pay attention to reviews

    I can't really complain about what it does, but my expectations were that it would be as much of a vacuum cleaner as a steamer. That's sort of true, but the roller must be on for it to vacuum. I don't like that since I have new cork floors that should not ever have a roller-brush vacuum. But it does pick up nicely.

  • Mark - Good, But Should Be Better

    The product is pretty good, but lacking quality in some areas. The screen resolution is excellent for the money, but the backlighting is poor. Very difficult to see GPS in daylight. Also, the glossy screen makes it quite difficult to view anything during the day.

  • LadybugonSUN - Upgrade ok

    I am still trying to figure the new features from the last edition I have. I wish I would have bought directly from Quicken. Paying the extra would have been beneficial for questions to be answered.

  • Stapry - Better than most

    Never thought I'd post a review for lotion. I wash my hands a lot for work, and especially in the winter my hands dry out and crack. This lotion does help keep my skin intact and it does leave my hands less greasy than most.

  • Mathew Sparkman - Holy Sh**

    Let me start out by saying Im 22 years old, 6"3, and 230lbs. Im not a small dude. But it was always my childhood dream to own a motor scooter and so i said screw it im getting one!

  • rbux - Poorly built

    The unit lasted 5 months and one burner quit altogether. After countless attempts I was finally able to reach Aroma, who agreed to take it back and fix it (at my shipping cost) and return it...in 4 weeks. Hardly worth the time and expense. I'd look for a different brand next time