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    I received this book for an honest review. BB Hamel does it again. Great dark, mafia romance. Jodie is the daughter of an Irish mob boss but she doesn't know what her family does until they're murdered. Dante works for the Italian mob who killed her family and kidnapped Jodie to be a sex slave. Dante is tasked with keeping Jodie prisoner in his apartment but he doesn't like treating her so badly. The closer they get the more he distances himself from his mob family. Intense drama, hot and sexy, great book!

  • R. A. Geiger - Burned my finger - amazing results

    Today is the day I received the CellFood. I had read the other reviews and was skeptical but wanted to check it out. Before it arrived I was pouring bacon grease into a disposable cup and it spilled over onto two of my fingers. I started soaking my fingers in cool water but every time I took them out they started to burn again and a blister was forming on one of the fingers. Then my package arrived. I opened the container and let a couple of drops fall on my fingers and then rubbed them in. They stung briefly and then the pain went away. after several minutes they started to burn again so I put another drop on them. Then 15 minutes later no pain - nothing - the redness reduced immediately and the blister disappeared.

  • Catherine F. Evans - I'm still loving it although it is turning into a ...

    I'm still loving it although it is turning into a long running night time soap opera. I am still invested in most of the main characters but if too many of them leave to be replaced with new ones, I may just have to call it quits and head on over to Prime where I can binge watch other splendidly written programs.

  • Carlton Bishop - Still sticks looks like going in the trash.

    Received it last week nothing like you see on T.V. egg's stuck would not slide off like your see other thing's sticking also would not recommend this pan, big rip off. CB.

  • J. Bucci - THIS BABY IS THE BOMB !

    I am from New Jersey and we used this when Superstorm Sandy Hit! We were out of power for a week. So we had to use this Generator everyday while the power was out.

  • Terrie B. - it was a major disappointment. Too many inconsistencies

    As excited as I was to receive this, in the end, it was a major disappointment. Too many inconsistencies, and it felt like a lot of the angst was repetitive. I felt like I was in a hover pattern just waiting for anything to move forward in this story. Did not hold my interest well.

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    It is a very good book which has stories from across the world about things that have happened to people. You'll find out that you have never heard about mostly all of the stories. Very well done job to have put them all together for our reading!